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  • Prince hemmo, let's go to sleep. Let's just. Go. To sleep. We're really in the same timezone and in order to catch the event live we have to wake up at around 3 a.m. or at least that's what I will do ; w ; Still didn't study for anatomy but the hype is terribleeee
    Oh, what late answer I give you. This week is hella busy for me, I always return home from university at around 8-9 PM, then must cook, read, work so I don't really have time for chatting ; ^ ;
    I'm sorry guys
    Ah, everyone "wears" the avatar he/she wants, though I associate Noctis with you so much already, when I see Noctis on a page, I know it's 99% chances for it to be one of your replies xD
    ARE WE GOING TO MEET EACH OTHER, crossing paths of destiny, wandering, wondering, in this vast Examland??
    Ah, today I got my first drawing exam (pencil or charcoal - portrait after model), and in two days I'll have the other art exam (technique of choice - portrait including hands after model), and then the final thing, the interview based on the 23 artworks of my portfolio, which will decide if I'm in or out. And then continuing drivers school and all that stuff and AH
    This year is full! FULL. Fuuull for me. I am very tired already (especially the crazy hot weather kills me) but.. I'm stronger than anything >:'] Things will be alright.

    I wish you good luck, I'm glad to know I'm not alone in Examland xD I bet you got a lot of work to do, too
    ohhh, I'm such an airhead.......................................................
    it was obvious you're echo-from-the-void now that I've read both descriptions here and there, yet I'm such an airhead sometimes x.x
    I hope you will enjoy the things I'll post in the future~ :3 I started that blog mainly to share my own art with people who actually know what I'm talking about... ^^;
    I don't even know what KH is about even now when I actually know the story in detail, but I completely adore it xD
    I didn't catch that age of the forums, but I pretty much see what the fandom is like on deviantArt and other places... there are too many OCs and crack-shippings everywhere x.x KHinsider is a sane place I enjoy rather than that environment
    You replied on your own page hihi~~ (I do this mistake too often myself) you have to click on "View conversation" and reply there so I can get a Notification about your reply :3
    wahh, thank you >:'D there will come more comics and fanarts... step by step~ what's your Tumblr name, if you have an account? o.o
    (Le gasp! Visitor message)

    Hah okay. :D A couple of years back there was this huge wave of all kinds of sokai threads in this forum, and it just got out of hand. I guess most people got just tired to see them or something. It was a really strange time here then. :D Not that I really have anything against it, it just not my thing.

    For me KH has usually been about platonic relationships... and Nomuras trolling. :D
    Pff, about the KH1 Kairi hallucinations thread, the thing with it turning into a sokai thread even just for 2-3 replies, let it be my fault lol
    I'm totally fine with that I defend canon stuff and sokai is canon stuff xD
    though in KH I really, really don't focus on shippings...
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