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  • Oh hey Hemmo. :D
    Sounds interesting. Midterms are looming next week so gotta study, but I'll give this a watch when I got the time. Thanks!
    The new chapter was so good!! I am so full of emotions right now, how on earth I am gonna sleep!?!?!!?! D:
    Hemmo!! I read the re-drawn chapter of TG and is it just me or is Hide more shady than ever in this one? His replies and expressions gave me a creepy feeling o A o
    not to mention the art being majestic
    Hi hemmo. You're Tokyo Ghouls anniversary thread was merged into the regular TG thread to prevent clutter, and because the anniversary can be discussed there. The thread title has been updated though to reflect that it's the 5th anniversary.
    A-ahhh, I may understand Italian very well, but the words come to me with difficulty when I want to talk in Italian, I need more vocabulary of my own for that. I'll build it by reading, writing, translating and listening in time o 7 o " ... I explained things in English there, but also when I couldn't find the English word for something I just switched to Italian ^^;
    I can't imagine school to begin so early! D:
    Don't worry about short messages, they are just as enjoyable as long ones when the person you talk with is nice ^^
    Sorry for the late reply! I'm still lost in plenty of messages to reply to > . < "
    Oh, Hemmo, for culture, history and art, Italy is such a wonderful place! The book shops there are delightfully varied and beautiful, the museum entries are usually very very cheap and many people go to museums and galleries, it's simply in their education, I think. Wonderful to see. I have been to Naples (Napoli), Florence (Firenze) and Rome (Roma), for two days each and one day at the sea and the rest I spent with my lovely Rita at home.
    > In Napoli I visited: the National Archaeological Museum (beautiful beautiful collection of ancient statues and mosaics, with many famous ones there, and also ancient Egyptian "things" for the lack of a better word right now x w x), Capella Sansevero (very very interesting place of extreme and tasteful beauty, I know this place in and out because I read about it so many times and even planned to present this together with all the statues inside and every detail at my oral art history exam... in the end the teachers knew I knew my stuff and didn't even let me tell my presentation decently, just three quick questions and I passed with a 10! Not that I complain but I would have loved to present it and sharpen my speaking skills D: but at the Capella, I basically was the full-time guide for my friend Rita aaand then another guy joined us and listened and asked questions, and other people secretly listened too because I gave nice looong explanations, so my heart went doki-doki because I literally was a guide there > ////// < they were so happy to listen to me and find out new stuff!), theRoyal Palace (Palazzo Reale) (holy shit this one was extremely opulent but majestic AF), Castel dell'Ovo (stone castel built in the sea, it's used as an art gallery can you believe it..), the catacombs full of human bones and thousands of skulls aligned.. and of course I walked through the whole city because Rita's parents know Napoli in and out
    > In Firenze I visited: church of Santa Maria Novella (the frescoes are breathtaking!!!!!), the center with the cathedral Santa Maria del Fiore (the famous one, I was inside too, and while the outer decoration is beautiful and rich, inside it is very simple and peaceful...), Palazzo della Signoria aka Palazzo Vecchio (where Ezio's father was held captive lol I literally went inside and on top of the tower and saw that there are indeed a few prison cells inside the tower! also the palazzo functions as a meeting hall, very elegant and tastefully arranged, and also is a museum basically. Beautiful place, beautiful. And the view from top of the tower is splendid!!), Ponte Vecchio (where many of us ACII players fell into the Arno river a bunch of times, I caught the sunset on the bridge and then stayed there while the beautiful orange lights reflected in the still water flow... it was heartwarming...), Galleria degli Uffizi (the famous art gallery that is very, very, very enjoyable and very long! all of my yes even when my feet were like kill us now) and what else?............ the city is surprisingly small! it's amazing to walk through it, so easy, with beautiful clean streets, though there is an avalanche of tourists everywhere
    > In Roma I visited: the Vatican Museums (hell, they are so crowded you can't take the artworks in and relax, but in the end you arrive at the Sixtine Chapel and that place, while being full of people, is quiet and beautiful, the guards take no shit and want people to be quiet, Mikey really did a brilliant job there, sigh...), the basilica of San Pietro outside and inside (stunning, worth seeing! solemn and gigantic yet doesn't feel too big), Galleria Borghese with the gardens outside too (probably the most beautifully arranged, calm, organized and perfect collection of them all, the themes of the sculptures and paintings all go well together in perfect rooms with controlled numbers of people entering, so that it is never crowded inside, a romantic collection that is worth visiting, I recommend it with all my heart, plus there are famous Bernini sculptures inside > w o and the gardens outside are huuuuuge and super-relaxing and full of birds! all kinds of exotic birds!), the Colosseum (beautiful! and interesting to see irl) and Fontana di Trevi (the famous stereotypical tourist destination, but screw stereotypes Hemmo THAT FOUNTAIN IS AMAZING, I almost cried seeing it, it's so so so fascinating and beautiful in reality, I fell in love, no wonder it's so famous and stereotypical!!) and of course I walked a lot around the city <3 but Roma is simply too big to visit in two days, one must plan at least... months... to visit a lot

    I am sure I forgot many things but you at least get the idea ; w ; oh, and world's best ice cream is everywhere in Italy, HEAVENS it's too good for this world

    Oh, you start university so soon! I start it in October only.. I start to miss the academic atmosphere around, heheh..
    I forgot that I also want to avoid FFXV spoilers and I keep falling into the info abyss nuuuu x w x............. must...not....be.....that curious...
    Hey, dear Hemmo! No philosophy studying yet, as I was in Italy for two weeks, I returned the day before yesterday. It was amazing, my friend, the country of my heart, I felt so well there, it was as I expected and even better. I even experienced the huge family dinner (there were like 3 families and at least 20 people around!! of all ages and generations) with fresh hot pizza made in the garden in stone ovens, under the light of the full moon and while one husband was playing the guitar and people were singing Italian songs together, and of course in the meanwhile I was being hit on by a guy and laughed a bunch and ate even more, holy shit. Italy is not just a dream, Hemmo, it's actually as people say, a country of sun and sea breeze, of art and general happy and laid-back atmosphere, but extremely lively! So many things I saw in two weeks, so many places, so many people, ah, I loved it all, I left my heart there I think.. yet I feel I finally am free of my gloomy past and stress, it's like... all the weigh that was on my shoulders is gone, and there is room in my soul and smile for genuine peace and happiness <3
    So yeah, no philosophy yet, but all these feelings, events, travelling and everything that happened that was exciting and lovely
    How are ya, Prince Hemmo? Everything going well? uwu oh, and.. any important news that I missed? I caught an update and saw Aranea's face (damn she's gorgeous and hot) and ?? really???? older Noctis?? that image of the King and .....is that older Noctis in the front?? I am still confused! o A o
    Ah, I think I didn't see the message, wasn't on the forums but kept the tab open ; o ;
    sowwy wasn't there practically
    I would have enjoyed talking to you ; w ;
    Same here! Can't wait to see Pearl and Greg's interactions after finally patching things up between them.
    Why didn't I think about that before??? Re in Italian too means "king"! Holy shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    this is amazing
    this sends shivers down my spine
    what did our Kaneki become
    ... You are such a precious soul, Hemmo, I swear, getting lost like that... Ahhh
    I am so glad that you were able to rely on someone to get ya home safely xD and google maps is a blessing isn't it. I can only imagine wandering in the freezy scary Finnish night, brr. Unforgettable o 7 o"

    They thought you were a ghost?? I know you're too precious to be real but I wouldn't call you a ghost for that [IMG]

    After work ya should relax indeed, leave the Pokemon hunting for desperate people like me. My mother is terrified of the idea of me playing Pokemon Go in the city, she worries way too much, but I will take care of meeeeee I don't want to end up bumping into people except for bumping into handsome cute guys, I wouldn't mind that and neither would they hehehhhhhhh ahhhh //HIDES[IMG]

    I also look forward to a new artbook, I'm pretty sure there will be another one, at least one more <3 ; w ;
    Heyy well... i just overcame the whole process of moving from one place to another in my uni's city. These last few days I moved and also applied for Philosophy unversity. On the 24th or 25th I will know the results and then next week I need to go there for confirmation u.u It's a 4 hours drive till there and it's exhausting tbh
    I got to play Pokemon Go while talking some walks there (there's nothing at the countryside) and so far nothing special, just that I got a Squirtle from an egg! Talk about rare!!
    Yet I am still so tired... moving everything and the road and the stress really drained my energy...
    And how are ya, Prince Hemmo? :3 enjoying the artbook? ; w ;
    Yeah, and now the cheker board is white now.
    Ooh, that looks interesting, was it the thing you shared on the chat? I`ll give it a read on the evening. Now to watch Zootopia with my sisters. :D Ooh, I am so excited.
    *has been getting emotionally wrecked by a lot of things lately* :'3

    I can't believe it... Arima planned to help Kaneki escape all this time. And that poetry at the end... ruiutg ibdqych d aty *flails*

    by the way, speaking of emotionally-wrecking stuff, I found something that actually isn't a tragedy for once. xD
    Here, if you're interested. :p
    looking BEAUTIFUL
    I CRAI FOR YOU ; w ;
    simply beautiful
    and if ya need any help with the German text, you know I'm here uwu
    look at those happy Touka and Kaneki it's almost like a dream that never was
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