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  • Hoi Grono, do you know what your next deep dive will be? considering you've tackled a lot of topics already.
    We used to have a "KHI Reviews" thread in the game section, but that was un-stickied some time ago. If you think you'll be making multiple reviews of more games in the future, then I'd say you can make your own review thread. If this is a one-off just for BotW then I'd stick to the main thread.
    Hi Grono, letting you know that your thread talking about BotW was merged into the main Zelda thread since it fit in more being a part of the main thread than being on it's own.
    Hi, and thanks! Glad to be here. Sorry for the late reply, I have been quite busy with my studies.
    Marching season is over, as well as Per band season too for basketball games. It was good though, we went to many events. It was pretty awesome.
    How've you been lately? Haven't talked to ya in awhile. :)
    Oh man, hope Princess feels better soon! :eek:My beagle Daisy is the exact opposite. She will make sure you get love from her and will not leave you alone until then. xD
    Do you mean Kingdom Hearts Unchained? I couldn't get much that into it since my storage always seems to be running out.
    Hey Grono, so I was checking around the forums and noticed you posted something that caught my eye.
    So you got a dog named Peanut? I got a cat named Peanut!
    Also I got a Beagle too. I know what that's like.
    I need to upgrade my phone, apparently I barely have any storage space to play Kingdom Hearts X on it along with OfferUp. I believe it has eight gbs.
    It looks like I won't have to recertify until May, though I wish I could just do it now instead of worrying for two months straight.
    Thanks. I am just waiting to hear from my housing case manager. I turned in my paperwork and She is just processing it. I don't know if she's going to say that I am missing anything. I wish she wouldn't take so long. I worry that if I don't make the 9th then I'll lose my housing.
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