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  • Yeah, I may have to go to Walgreens and get Mheetu some Meow Mix, though I do wonder if I am wasting my money. I haven't seen him puke for now.
    Lea's monster form.
    I am doing okay. I am worried about my cat because he puked a hairbull this morning. I am wondering if the bag of 9Lives Plus Care did this to him. I did read a lot of negative reviews about the product. I don't know what I should do with the cat food since I opened the bag. I am thinking of getting a bag of Meow Mix from Walgreens.

    As for Fushigi Yuugi, they are torn into separate arcs. The anime focuses on two priestesses, Suzaku and Seiryuu. But the prequels deal with Byakko and Genbu.
    Well, there are visual novels for the games. The only anime adaptation of the Fushigi Yuugi franchise is the Suzuku arc.
    You've been on a roll making new threads haha. Some are good and insightful. Keep it up. What's new?
    Aaah yes, I remember your old name now.

    I wish they continued the chrono series :(.

    But hey! you like D&D, do you plan on getting Neverwinter Nights Enhanced Edition? I'm rather iffy about it because they didn't really....enhance much at all, just accommodated newer resolutions.
    I am probably going to have find an art class or someone that could actually help me fix my drawing. Anyways, I managed to get the Rotom Dex now. Gosh, it's annoying!
    It's one of the reasons why I went to Gamestop. They were the ones that advised me to contact Nintendo. They also told me that there was a problem with my Nintendo 2DS since it had a problem with SD cards. So, hopefully I can get a new 2DS with the money that I get from my sale of my 2DS.
    I thought I had saved data on it, but apparently it's all gone. I'm thinking about getting a new SD card or at least hoping that I could contact Nintendo to see if they could get my data back.
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