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  • Well, baking day today. I made some red velvet cupcakes and some chocolate ones..with chocolate chips in the chocolate cupcakes. Joanna and the kids don't like pie so we usually would make a cake, but I'm all, WASTEFUL since it don't all get eaten. So then, cupcakes. I hope they like them. :) And also with the chocolate ones, I used chocolate cream cheese icing + put chocolate sprinkles on them. Well, it's Thanksgiving. I figured this is a good time to be fancy. ^^

    I'll put up pics if people are curious. I really got fancy with it b/c well, it's Thanksgiving. That reminds me, I'd better get our thanksgiving bird out to thaw (Chicken, not turkey; Joanna, Jared and the kids are only coming over for dessert, so why have a whole turkey? that's stupid)
    Been a long time ain't it?

    Well, things are slowly getting better. Still waking up sometimes really early, I found a herbal remedy to combat that (I won't take sleeping pills, that's asking for problems.) Hopefully I get used to the new pillow soon.

    We're having the missionaries over for dinner today: I like helping them and I got a nice dessert too.

    Me and Shadowcat started a Google Sheets index for our games; do not ask to see that since that's meant to be personal. But it boggles the mind to realize we collected SO many games over the years.

    Oh and with Thanksgiving; we already decided I'm going to stuff a chicken like a turkey this year (yeah, LOL) because we aren't having guests and it's re-fricking-dic-u-ous to do a whole turkey for 3 people. It was BARELY feasible with 4 but not with 3. Wish me luck.
    Okay I got the account back. Praise the Valve tech support..seems like my account wasn't really attractive to the scammer.
    It never rains but it pours! My steam account has been stolen! I made a horrible mistake and hopefully I'll get it back, but for now if you got me on steam, ignore it!
    If you didn't see in the FFXIV thread, sister died very suddenly Saturday morning. I have my chara out (check the thread for where) if you wanna stalk me in person (well, virtualy so to speak) but I know not everyone plays.

    It was really sudden and tech I was the one that found her, so it's not helping my week..
    Oracle Spockanort
    Oracle Spockanort
    Oh my god please let me know if you need anything
    Thanks Spock. It's just been rough and I'm hoping we can get things straightened out pretty soon. Feel free to poke me on PSN; since I play FFXIV PC it's harder to tell if I'm on that but I still am keeping in the gaming between taking over all her old chores..I mean this was very very very sudden and unexpected.
    I hate getting older.

    Been having hot flashes/feeling hot for no reason and trouble sleeping tho I might of finally licked that. Got a decent night's sleep last night tho still tired; not suprising after two weeks of insomnia!

    Let's hope this is over. Also back on the bp meds for now, ugh ugh. Haven't really run away from my genetics I guess.
    Right now I'm kinda having to deal with a polar bear; The Troll likes it cold in the house. I don't.

    So I've put the heating pad on my chair, two blankets and a hoodie just so I don't freeze, and I'm considering getting some fingerless gloves. Maybe someday I can have my own place and turn up the bleeding heat. ^^
    It's been a crazy few weeks. And I hope it doesn't get crazier. With teh covid panic and stuff..I'm still trying to find ways to protect myself when I go out.
    So okay. My middle brother showed up with cancer. Ugh.

    I'm going to be making him some chemo caps and suggest to 'Neko and Jared to get him some baseball caps. UGH. I swear our family is cursed, for this is the third person in the fam that ended up with some kind of cancer.
    I'm pretty annoyed right now.

    Remember that poster I won? Well, seems my poster gum AKA. something like This is really old. My poster was coming off the wall. UGH! It finally completely came down today.

    We got some more on the wal-mart order, but UGH. That just makes me annoyed.
    Okay. For the last few months, I've been saying VERY nasty things about the wireless.

    Our router/gateway/modem from Uverse got fried in a lightening storm; since then I've had nothing but troubles with my connection. Horrible lag in XIV, disconnecting from the internet when I shouldn't, you guys can proly can guess the drill. Turned out part of the problem was Uverse had given us a bad replacement router. T_T I'd tried repping my wireless network card, but no joy.

    I decided to flip the bird at windows finally (thinking that might be the cause of the last of the troubles; Sometimes Windows does funkeh things with drivers) and find me a cheap little router that I could use as a wireless bridge, since they don't sell separate wireless bridges anymore.

    A friend of mine on Blue Gartr (Niya) suggested a Mikrotik thingy; once I got it, he actually helped me config it via TeamViewer. Well? NO MORE LAG, no more problems so far. I'm giving it a few days to be sure though. Tho I'll be glad if that was the whole problem, and I've also hooked my PS3 to it (Why should the bloody thing be using Wireless G when N's available?)

    Here's to the end of my net problems, and that network card's getting yoinked out.
    So okay. I may finally be near done watching my diet so hard.

    I'm down below 200 lbs (about 91kg, for ya EU folks) for the very first time in years. My goal is 180 lbs (About 82kg), which tech is still overweight for my height but I'd rather have a weight I can maintain at the moment.

    Anyway, got 10-12 lbs more to lose, and then it's over tho I prolly won't EVER be such a pig again.
    GEEZ. I just had to deal with a very disgusting mess.

    You understand, the boys in our house never had to do "girly" chores like say, mop the floor or clean the bathroom. Well, I finally got disgusted by Shadowneko's bathroom in the basement. I have to USE that potteh after all.

    So I cleaned the sink and the toilet, my sister (known online as Her Highness) talked me out of cleaning his tub too; wouldn't want him to think he had a maid after all.

    Tho if he moves out, I'm scrubbing that tub within a inch of its life. I'm just THAT disgusted.
    Twilight Lumiair
    Twilight Lumiair
    Oof, that sounds pretty rough. :sick: Sorry you felt you had to clean that up, and I don't blame you one bit. Hopefully it never gets to that point again. 🤞
    Twilight: I hope not either but I ain't counting on it. 'Neko is a disgusting slob and never cleans; so I might have to later again in self defense.
    I went looking today; I have a few programs that are paste-in-a-directory so they don't autoupdate, mostly emulators. (I actually even found a way to get them on my Start Menu too in Windows 10. It just makes sense to do that!)

    A lot of them were out of date, so I went on a updating spree. Now they're all up to date and hopefully when I choose to use the emulators, I'll be happy gaming :3
    Thanks sis. The sister I don't much like because of the annoyances with her decided to help me out a bits.

    I'd lost enough weight that I was having trouble with my pants..again. So she basically fixed my waistbands with some elastic so they are adjustable now. (She sews.)

    Thanks sis.
    Oracle Spockanort
    Oracle Spockanort
    I'm cheering you on~ And I'm glad your sister did something nice for once!
    Woah and phew. I think Hercules would of been a better fit for what I just did than me.

    See, we have a chest freezer downstairs. It wasn't shutting all the way anymore. That means..time to defrost it. And clean out some old stuff that we didn't use/forgot about.

    Been at it since 4 PM EST this morning and it's finally done. The freezer burned stuff is out for the trash man, (that was a Labor of Hercules right there!) the frost/ice is in the kitchen sink downstairs, and the food that we could save is in coolers with dry ice, said dry ice is going to be thrown outside once the freezer chills a bit.

    I also cleaned out some sticky crud out of there; I swear. Clean out a freezer or fridge, and there's always some sticky crud.
    I found out something of mine needed fixed at SFGE. (Southern Fried Game Expo, for those that don't know the abbreviation) See, they had a console games room, and you had to bring your own controllers.

    A guy in the console room told me the battery in my DS3 was bulging a little bit and going bad! I was told that I could get a new one on ebay, but after one of my XIV/XI buddies (Ashyr Tallevale that is ) told me that some bad apple Chinese companies were trying to pass off bad/fake rechargeable batteries on Ebay that tend to explode and not do what they are supposed to, that made me go :cautious: since I don't want fake rechargeable batteries a MILE near my gaming stuff. Or any other stuff, for that matter. But what's a gal to do?

    Enter the local game shop. On a lark, I called Gamers, which is a little shop in the next town over that I <3 for used games and accessories. Turns out, they sell the batteries and can even put them in for you. I bought one and got them to put it in since I didn't feel confident enough to do it myself; I should be good now for 10+ more years and hopefully it'll fix it; that controller never did hold a charge very long. Well, it's fixed for good now! Yes, the new battery's a knockoff but it's a GOOD knockoff, which is what I'd hoped for. (Also known as; not Sony brand, but it's a real rechargeable battery.)
    Well, 'Neko talked me into going to the Southern Fried Game Expo here in Atlanta. I had a good time; if I go next year, I'm proly going to check out some more of what's there besides the arcade (BIGGEST arcade I've ever seen).

    I've often said I'd go to both that and Momocon if I could. Well, we'll see!
    Finally. For a long time, I've been complaining about being too cold. I finally figured out why.

    There's a vent over my computer/setup that was blowing RIGHT. ON. ME. Might have some to do with weight but that's a good way to get froze right there. I got 'Neko to get a vent deflector and it's now pointing at the wall. It's already better and I don't have to bundle up in blankets/use a heating pad/coat by my PC anymore.
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