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  • yeeeeah I am. I'm not super active since I haven't been writing as much as I should be and there aren't many active RPs going on though. That being said, I do owe a post that I should start working on soon.
    How you been, man? It's been a while.
    Occasionally, I try pop in on the creative writing area but it's hard for me to fully engage like I used to with how busy life has me.
    That's fine. I've had my fair share of stuff keeping me away as well. There is much more to the story than what I have so far. In fact, I've yet to even reach the main plot of the story.
    Never stop asking these questions. It's how we - myself included - learn more about Aios.
    In all honesty, they should. Fear those who have perfected the art of writing stories that are teasing-while-satisfying.
    Curse you. Reading a webcomic about the lives of college kids is distracting me from preparing for my own college semester -- which is, in turn, distracting me from my writing. You diabolical dastard.
    Follow this link down the rabbit hole, to a land of wonders!
    I'd like to test something, and I'd appreciate your help. It should take no longer than a few minutes.

    EDIT: Let's try this again... Sync Video - watch youtube and vimeo videos together
    It's nice commentary on the literary world, or perhaps on how the literary world is perceived -- by others and by itself.

    And it's also pretty funny.
    Thanks, and I appreciate it. I meant to reply to your post, but got caught up in other things. Basically, my response was more or less going to be that the prologue wasn't meant to set up just this story in particular, but lay the settings for the entire Gods' War itself. Since I'm writing the story in a fairly self-contained manner, I'm trying to add as much relevant information as I can, without over doing it, so that people can have a relative idea of what is going on without having to be already familiar with the setting of the world. In fact, neither character appears again in the story, which is why I tried to make them as un-descriptive as I could, going as far as not to give either a name.
    You should have known that once the gate was opened, I'd never stop pestering you with Bloodborne content. This NPC dialogue might elucidate a few murky spots.
    As someone who is at least somewhat familiar with the setting of Nightfall, I would love your opinion on the story I am writing titled "The Gallant," when you have the time. I could honestly use another opinion, seeing as how no one apart from KitKat is commenting on it.
    Hehe, no worries. I asked for 12 EST becaude that was when my shift at work ended, but we can catch up another time.
    Ah, I see. If we can do a quick one before you're finished with that project, Saturday would be the preferred day on my end. I agree, his portrayal of events seemed totally unbiased and sincere. That is a shame, but in other news(?) The Amber Throne was recently finished.
    Oh hey, so I won't be done with it tonight either. :biggrin:

    This weekend for sure, otherwise I just need to stop and rethink what I'm doing with my life lol.
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