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  • Well, you might call it a "primary source" for the roleplay's story. Knights in the Nightmare follows the disembodied soul of King Wilmgard, a warrior king whose soul was stolen as part of a coup enacted by the treasonous Cardinal Capehorn. The amnesiac Wilmgard, aided by a Valkyrie of uncertain motives, recruits the ghosts of his slain knights in an attempt to retake the throne — or, barring that, exact revenge on the Cardinal.

    It's a little familiar. The similarities end there, but it's enough that I felt that the game deserved a generous nod.

    However, once the Queen's Men become an active army, I'd like to incorporate some of KitN's storytelling structure...
    Most of the story and lore is communicated through flashbacks — one-time flashbacks from the deceased soldiers when they were still alive. They're all scattered temporally, and no soldier or knight is seen twice. However, if you pay attention, you can piece together the events that led to the king's defeat, and learn about the relationships that these knights had in life.


    This prolonged dream sequence has spawned some odd ideas, most of which were cut, but I'm glad that Helena's speech was received well. I wanted to characterize each of the dreamed-of characters in ways that had been used elsewhere in the roleplay — and since the Queen is somewhere outside reality, I thought that I could bend the rules a little. (Then again, this roleplay's grasp of "reality" has never been firm.)
    Just reporting that I'm still alive. In response to your last PM -- in short, "yes" to all propositions.

    I have four monstrous papers and four monstrous exams.
    Hopefully the roleplay(s) can survive for a little bit longer without me...
    Oh, don't worry about it. To know that you received them -- or the second one, at least -- is more important.

    And, commentary on the relationships between language and music aside, that was pretty funny.
    The idea of "musical dialogue" has always puzzled me by how ubiquitous it is. It can be found even in something as mathematical as Bach, so maybe the first commenter isn't so far off in his proposal that speech and music have overlapping brain functions.
    I finally just read Always on the side of the egg. Yes, very nice indeed and I'd have to say that I would always side with the egg as well. I was reminded immediately of a book that I have, The Penguin Book of Lies, when reading the beginning.
    Wow, what a varied spread of content. Nice find!
    The discussion of "hesitation noises" like "um" and "uh" is particularly interesting.

    Don't worry about Spurius; he'll survive. I've barely begun my latest post...
    It might be a little primitive, but I was thinking that each footnote would consist of a written comment with a corresponding timestamp.

    I'm up for both courses of action, though I might not have enough time for another Skype session until a week from now, at earliest. For the written discussion with other members, should we extract a few starter questions from our conversation -- or just leave it to them?
    Smash bros is always fun and I really enjoyed Twilight Princess as well. I'd probably say something like, well Ocarina of Time since I played this before Final Fantasy. FFVII is always entertaining to play every other year or so. Or FFXIII… I like the story a bit and the gameplay doesn't bother me too much, although I do understand and agree with some people's grievances about it. And Heart Gold/Soul Silver Pokemon.
    Great! Our mutual definition of "fun" might vary from most others', but I'd still call that a good sign.

    I wonder...
    Would it be too pedantic and silly to include footnotes with the audio? I can remember half-a-dozen thoughts that trailed away into nothing, or somehow failed to translate into speech.
    Hey I'm wondering, what type of vid games do you like to play the most? What are some of your favorite video games?
    My Latin is rustier than I'd care to admit, but I should remember enough grammar to make a sensical Latin phrase. I'll gladly proofread.

    Of course, given the lateness of this response, I don't know whether the offer is still relevant...
    Rest assured that I have received your email. I've just been too busy to give it the time that it deserves, hehe.

    However, from what little I read of your work, I'm already very interested.
    I'd rather be reading it than Suetonius' biographies...
    Lol, I've done it a few times too.

    Yes, I know what you mean. From what I can recall, you do seem to reference it in a academic sort of way. The Bible is one of the most popular compilations of literature, it has been very influential to people and their lives so knowing it to use for reference can be quite useful. Especially considering that most people who claim to follow it haven't even read a quarter of it.

    Thanks if that was a compliment earlier, about my post in the Why Do Bad Things… thread being honest and thought out :D
    Yes that video was interesting and fun to watch, I've been a fan of the series for a while.

    I don't have any particular references that I can think of to be honest. Then again, I haven't been to active lately and I'm lazy. Why do you say that using the bible as a reference is surprising? I don't find it to be that surprising considering the nature of the discussions typically.
    Looks like you did sometime last year. I should have clarified that I was reading in that thread yesterday and that's when I saw it/came across it.

    Yeah I'd say that you just haven't improved over the years lol. Just messing. Well that's good, I think that with my posts I just need to think them over a little more before I post them. Mainly ones in intel, etc. Idc so much about my posts in vidya games and other KH stuff. I do, but not to that extent.
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