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  • I purchased Kafka on the Shore the other day, and I began reading it today. I'm only about fifty pages in, but I'm already enjoying it very much.

    Though much of my enjoyment comes from the simple fact that it's written well, I also feel drawn into it for reasons that are too hazy to articulate yet—and I love that feeling. I'm sure that you know exactly what I mean.
    It's almost always worth the nostalgia trip, if for no other reason.

    Now you've got me reconsidering my entire approach to "Jim Barnham's Last Will"...
    I'll sign in to Skype whenever I'm free. As always, I'd love to hear your ideas!
    I just reread all of "Night of Fate." We really produced some nice moments, didn't we?
    I think that I know why those images I sent you won't open. I think it's because when I go to save, PS asks me if I want to optimize the file, and I choose 'yes'. I noticed that when I look at the image in Finder it shows that PS is the default program to open it with. The default program should be Preview since it's a png and not a psd. So I think that is why you weren't able to view them.
    You could have fooled me, because you felt like you were fitting in just as well as Ordeith and I were. I'd wager it was just the story or the rp itself; unlike this upcoming one, which is the first part of a trilogy that focuses on the return of the dark god and the events that unfold thereafter, both the story of "the Warlock" and the rp itself were both very open-end apart from a light plot skeleton. Even I was having some problems with it. If you'd like, I can give you a little plot summery of this one.

    And it seems you've helped spur a bit of activity. I'm making a note here: HUGE SUCCESS.
    Yeah that's fine, I'm actually in the process of writing you another message containing some good stuff right now. It shouldn't be too long so I hope that you'll get a chance to look over it in the meantime.
    I've been meaning to ask, would you be interested in joining me and Ordeith in another Nightfall rp, this one actually following the main story? I had asked if he could ask you, but I don't know if he ever did, so I'm asking just in case. Assuming it doesn't change, we're planning on it starting in the summer.
    Well, my "soon" turned out to be an entire month, so you won't be having any bickering from me.

    Either-or. If I recall right, I thought you had in your bio that your character has already had some experience of their power, though I may be remembering wrong. Ultimately, it's whichever you decide.
    I spotted an error in the summary. I meant to say that after they view the automata the main objective/quest/task is complete.
    Perhaps this is a video game that would interest you? Memoranda Is Inspired By The Surreal Fiction Of Japanese Author Haruki Murakami - Siliconera
    Hey! If you're free to chat on Skype sometime in the next few days, do let me know.
    I'll send you a summary for last night either this evening or tonight. Lol I'm an idiot, I ended up staying awake until 3am! Now I'm a sleepy boy.
    Hey, lol, if you can go on Skype! I thought of something that will upset you lol. Probably only need like 15 mins to tell you it. Otherwise I'll write it, but this may be quicker.
    Cool, I'm just working on putting together another image that contains some sketches and doodles. I'll go on and give you a call once I've got that ready.
    It's one of my favorites, haha. If Maria Falconetti had known that it would be her only performance on film, she couldn't have done a better job.

    I first saw The Passion of Joan of Arc with Richard Einhorn's "Voices of Light" score.
    It might be a little anachronistic in its composition, but never fails to deliver an emotional punch.
    I'm just curious: Did you plan to "complete" your previous post from Lazarus's perspective with this latest post from (one version of) his past self? It just occurred to me that the copy of Spurius in the Green Chapel is likely the very same one that "J. Ordeith" and his scribes are transcribing/translating right now.

    If you planned that from the beginning, you've won all the gold stars I can give.

    EDIT: And it's an origin story for befuddled Brother Lazarus. Bravo, sir.
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