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  • did you edit your last response?
    i could have sworn you sent a visitor message around 10am
    my time, which was about 10 hours ago.

    In any case,
    it is a privilege to
    have the ability to change
    your name, of course for most,
    it's overdone, or at least that was the
    case when it started.

    college eh,
    then you must be a busy guy,
    as far as social life, i'm still kind of starting out
    from the home, so i'm a bit unsociable at the moment.
    what kind of school are you in? grade? college?
    you must have a lot of studies at hand, not saying that their
    isn't life beyond the computer screen or anything :)

    yeah i abbreviated my name.
    its had mixed reviews, some say it cool
    some say it's weird, and others say it's creepy

    i'm fine with it though
    Perhaps complicated, is the wrong word.
    i don't want to be false, i don't want to act
    or pretend.......hm

    A mutual understanding :)
    i feel that sophistication can be stressed upon most people depending on the situation, or education.
    for instance, I'm very well mannered towards people but this is natural for me. I don't pretend to share ideas, and tastes with people, i take an interest in it. I learn sophistication through experience

    i hope that didn't sound amateurish,
    I'm still thinking of a way to fully explain it. I mean i have an idea but it simply doesn't register to me yet.

    i feel that my born talents are my curse, because i hold them close. The only problem is that.........say if i lost my right arm
    the one thing that gave me something to feel talented about is gone. I don't despise my talent but i know it holds a major part of my acceptance to life, For if i couldn't create another art piece, I would be depressed to the point that my emotions take a turn for the worst. Of course misfortune always follows happiness, their is no border between the two.
    It was my pleasure. I'll be stopping by there much more often as I'm really finding some excitement in the discussion. You'll definitely be seeing me around much more often.
    Sincerity is a big motive,
    but in all things is quite a far achievement.
    To be open minded, and truthful to all things is quite a leap,
    and although it may be possible, sincerity doesn't always hold to one's interests.
    That is my opinion of course, and since i asked you, I 'm obliged to share my own motive.
    My motive is to be sophisticated, which is perhaps small compared to sincerity. I chose this to be
    my motive in life, because it seems like something i have a hard time grasping towards. My only fear is being
    one who is complicated, but i cannot stress the reason to why. I'm glad you found interest in my art, and i thank you.
    I feel that my born talents are my curse, and that is something i don't tell enough people. In truth...i don't quite understand
    myself, and because of this, i often feel a small sense of insanity. Perhaps I've said too much :/

    in any case, although your attendance is less than common, your words hold more than one could speak in a day.
    I thank you for your response
    so what is your motive in life?
    i see that a lot of things that have never crossed your
    knowledge are the things you find most intriguing,
    but then again....who doesn't have that mindset.
    you seem like a very reliable, and knowledgeable person.
    In other words, to me your very intriguing and i would like to
    get to know you better
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