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  • I'll be honest, I have no clue which ST SW Lucas said anything nice about, but, myself, I usually get a "wtf" stare when I mention Episode I is my favorite in the prequel trilogy (without arguing that everyone else should agree). So, I can only express my solidarity.
    Yeah I understand. I was referring to TLJ. The scene got out of control when that film released. Right now the prequels are in good standing with the community so it’s easier for me to express my love for them.
    Time heals all wounds, I guess. It will probably be kind to TLJ. It had a lot of weight on its shoulders. In my humble opinion, it hit the mark closing its saga more than KHIII did, and I'm still here!
    How is it going today? I wonder if Sega will ever release Ocean Hunter onto a console since the only way that I watch the walkthrough is through Youtube videos, whose users used emulators to process the game. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R9rbsrd1sWE&t=799s Pretty much the emulators aren't very effective since most of the backgrounds just doesn't shows up. It might be hard since Sonic the Hedgehog is Sega's mascot and therefore overshadows the game, which is more mature than the blue hedgehog's games.

    It was also made in 1998 and only released in arcades. I'd love to see the game on a console, but I doubt that will happen any time soon. I wish there was more of a well known fanbase for Ocean Hunter like there is for Sonic.
    I honestly wish I had some video games right now. Gosh, the nonsense that I've been experiencing lately is driving me through the roof. I should probably download Pokemon Go.
    Guess what, I am getting a PS3 in October. I won it off of eBay for fifty-four bucks. No, I just to need to plan my food for this weekend.
    Well, I am trying to get my art enthusiasm back. It just seems that I have to worry about a lot of things like if my rent will be paid.
    My day is going all right. I am waiting for Monday to come by. I think I am going to the ISD office on that day and hopefully if I have time, I'll stop by somewhere else to pick up my check and probably get my PS2.
    Happy April Fools Day! Ben's Family WIP by ienzo628 on DeviantArt I was finally able to get Pokemon Omega Ruby again, it's coming in the mail. I hope this time I can keep it longer than two or three months.
    idk you but I fought Flowey last night and the whole time I was like what the living shit is happening
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