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  • now to watch my fiance torture himself with mega man battle chip challenge lol
    We've got the channel registered under the same name:
    Mibbit.com Webchat client
    So feel free to hop on, again. ^.^
    That is complete shit.my family was homeless from June 2013 to November 2014 until my uncle decided to sell us a house. If they are any kind of family they will make room.
    that sucks. try to find a motel and see weekly and monthly rates if you can for a better price.
    Ahhh, that's a bummer. I was wondering why op was switched to Zephy and then to me for no apparent reason. You should join the chat more often like you used to. Also you can have the channel back, since as you know, I don't know anything about it. xD
    Hey Mirby! I saw that you hopped on the IRC chat for a bit! What do you mean by the chat being deregistered?
    Oh wow haha. Yoko Shimomura doing wonderful work once again. Do you have any other favorite tracks in the game?
    Okay, I got in, sorry. It's just the link I have always used didn't work and Zephy gave me a new one. Then that one stopped working.
    Miiirbs, is there a new link to the chat? I can't seem to get in to the old one, or the new one.
    Nobody is trying to scrutinize your posts. That was an honestly good discussion about the console and you turned it into a huge "people just hate Nintendo" discussion when it wasn't about that at all. It was about why developers are wary about the system, even after the problems have been fixed. It is fine to defend the console, but you come off as a victim when the topic or responses weren't made to attack you.

    It was just as rude to try and completely dismiss that developers claims, even if they wouldn't be any wiser to your opinions on them.
    It that is a dialect, it's no dialect I've encountered yet. Unless said dialect is particularly flexible when it comes to spelling. xD
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