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  • I figured as much, just wanted to mention that. :p (because I frequently get crazy ideas in my head just begging to be left out before they accumulate and reduce me to a pile of crazy idiocy)

    Also: Merry Christmas!
    Well, it wouldn't be impossible to create a game with loose unconnected events happening to the same person and still have it filled with engaging character development. It's just really really hard. xD (but out of all cliches, nobobdy ever complains about that one anyway)
    Yep indeed. Clich?s are easy, but they also become boring. Unless you ridicule and embrace the clich? in just the right way. Then it wraps around back to awesome. Does that make sense to you, or did I lose you there? xD
    And I believe you fully and without further thought. :3

    That sounds good though. It's anti-clich?. That's always good.
    Sounds like the early stages of an industrial evolution. Or people finding long lost technology. (I can never seem to stop thinking in terms of standard story elements) :p
    What kind of world are we talking about here? Fantasy, sci-fi, contemporary or some sort of mix?
    Sensible I guess. Glad you can see it like that. I usually get too caught up coming up with world-lore and backgrounds to actually proceed with my work. : /
    You'll find it. There's plenty of examples to use. Have you thought of a story yet? Or is it more of a fill-in-mentally experience?
    RPG Platforming, sounds neat. (that's a good thing. I only use the word neat sparingly :D ) I'd like to see it someday. :3
    Like the RPG series you mean? If yes, I'm guessing some RPG elements could find their way in. :p
    Yeah ok, I haven't played all Kirby games. Nintendo's fault for not releasing that compilation here. :p (I'd still like a Ditto game though... just for shits 'n giggles. One where you could transform in a set on the fly without going to a menu)

    Get an idea yet? :) (gonna support by keeping attention to it with annoying messages)
    There you go. And we really need a good Avatar game. :) Let me know how that works out.

    Speaking of making games, I once had this idea for a Kirby-like puzzle-platformer starring Ditto. You need to find and collect pokemon transformations to proceed (only here you get to keep them, so you wouldn't have to look for them again). But I know nothing of game design (or even how to get started) so yeah...
    I'm sure it'll come to you eventually. Never a good idea to force an idea out, take it from me. You could also start by taking an existing platformer, thinking about how you'd make it better and expand from there. Maybe that'll help.
    The world needs more platformers. There haven't been that many high profile ones last gen... (which saddens me)
    Well, if you need to get back into it, starting with something simple is a good thing. Leads to less frustration if it doesn't pan out. (I can give this advice, but I'm absolutely horrible at following it myself. FML) If you need an opinion on ideas, I'm your man. ;) Do you know what kind of game yet?
    Haven't seen that video (obviously :D )

    That's good to hear. :) Thanksgiving always sounds so nice (or at the very least, the food does) Do you already live by yourself, or did you mean visiting extended family? :p

    I really feel syupid for never answering that last time :/
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