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  • well I'm surprised to find out but trust me I have alot of friends like that... heck I used to think I could probably be an MtF myself at one time...
    How optimistic. You only have 850 posts left to! That shouldn't be so hard considering you've made 150 in 3 days :p
    I don't know much about randomizers, but avatars can be a pain in the ass especially since you're new and all.
    Aww, well if you ever do get a tumblr let me know. I'll be your first follower.

    Do you mind if I add you as a friend? You're fun to talk to.
    You know, it was because of your rotating sig that made me almost report you. What with the amount of bots that have been invading us, I suspected you were one of them too.

    What do you mean by, "good on tumblr"? Do you have one, or do you not like it?
    Wow....I feel like a massive idiot. Thank you soooo much! That was actually plastered across my blog in HUGE LETTERS :/.

    Um, I noticed you have your own blog. You should try tumblr. You'll find plenty of gifs like the one in my sig, and its much more user friendly and customizable.
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