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  • ok I wasn't sure if you saw it or not but yeah one other detail I left to mention was that for the tag, can you arrange it like a classic FF6 fight scene in game? with the character sprites on the right and the enemy on the left?
    Ah, okay. ^_^ No problem, just don't forget me! *that would be so sad..* xP

    Good luck on your college stuff, though. ^_^ *pats your back*
    Hey, I'm wondering if you forgot to do my tags..? I haven't heard anything from you or IDrops about it in a bit so I got worried since I know the two of you are busy with college life (who doesn't? xD), so I thought it would be better to check in and see. ^_^
    Because I started university again and things got a little crazy. I'll try to make one for the next sotm though!
    I assume that there was only one entry you couldn't see, which was cloud's? Here's Cloud's entry.
    Ya I've seen some things for coloring with levels and curves, but I would use those adjustments for entire sigs not portions. No matter what you use, just try to make it blend. And that's a cool major/minor. I don't know if it's just me, but I had some trouble getting adjusted to InDesign when I did a project with it in high school.
    Hmm, interesting to use curves to color. I normally brush with a color I want and use different blending modes like color dodge, overlay or screen. And ya that course in InDesign should help you. Arranging text and stuff in layouts can be quite hard. Is it an elective course or part of your program?
    I think it's a pretty good sig. I think the composition and placement of everything is well done. The main thing that bugs me is the coloring. Either the purple doesn't work or the red is too strong. How was the red color applied?
    Well I don't want to screw up again so you better do it, if you want to that is. I can collect the tags for you, are you able to access photobucket?
    Your setup sounds awesome! Oh are you doing the voting thread for sotm from now on? Since you said something about doing it in one of the threads. You clearly know what you're doing with voting sooo. XD
    Everybody has life stuff going on, you can't help it. If you could get them done within a week though, that would definitely be great!
    Well, at any rate, I already re-opened it I think, so all should be good. ;w; Must've accidentally hit a button, I'm not sure.
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