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  • Righto, I'm still looking for something now. My sense of art style will be the death of me xD
    I did, I've just been looking for a picture that has the same dark knight look of the one I put in the temple, and by style I mean the way the knight looks,not the art style.
    Thank you, it means a lot. I just feel a little heart-broken because the girl and I hit it off good on the first date. Even though there were some fumbles it still came as a shock to me
    Alright, I'll go and practice that more, I was working on using something other than smudging a bunch uve' the same renders for the background. I'll try and continue how I did my previous tag and learn from that more!
    Right, site lol. I was skyping my friend and he said server and I accidentally typed that hehe...
    Anyway, I'm interested in that. I'd like to use one of the sigs.
    That's a bummer, I actually uploaded it on a new website. I'll upload it again on Tinypic so your able to see it.
    That sounds awesome! So basically they'll be custom made avatars and sigs for the server?
    Haha, gotcha. Do you do different work for the website now or is it that you literally just moderate?
    I guess I shouldn't look for friendship, necessarily. I'll just try my best to stay on good terms.
    I'm pretty good at keeping/making friends online, though. But I'll take your word for it, just in case. And you're a staff member, right? I can just barely make the difference in the color of your signature.
    That's cool to hear haha. Right now I'm just trying to get along with everyone. It's going good so far, I think :eek:
    We haven't actually! I just like to add friends. Anyway, it's nice to meet ya. I first came to the forums in 2011, but just recently made an account last summer.
    The last skin I remember enjoying was long ago before the site updated adding that damn activity wall.
    Now that you mention it, it does look like Green Arrow on closer look. xD Can't believe I mistook him for Goblin..

    Okay, sounds good. :) Oh, cool... *shows that I don't know anything about it :p*
    Hey, Nutrai! :D How is it going?

    And I'm curious: is that Green Goblin? It looks eerily similar to him. O-o

    Also, I got my story up: inFamous: The Beginning of Tyranny in Fan-fiction on here. :) I'm going to try to get Chapter Six up tomorrow or the evening.. Plus, I have this cool idea of starting up a story of me being the 'World's Greatest Thief'. xD

    Either that or RP it up.. Not sure on that.
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