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  • Chaser's still here! But he and I are a lot alike in that we don't really have a lot of tolerance for things. At least, not as much as Spock and Taochan who seem to have endless patience, haha.

    Invite sent! Actually I have the party management error right now anyways so if you found me and send a request to join the party, I wouldn't be able to accept it D:
    Ahh, glad to see he's doing well!

    Pretty much Spock and Taochan handled the day-to-day. I ended up just dedicating myself to Chi/Unchained and focused my free time on maintaining our Chi Twitter and site content.
    Oh cool! How is Solo? I haven't heard from him since he came back before to let us know he's still alive.

    I'll keep a spot for you! I'm not playing right now either since I'm at work anyways~
    Yeah, I left for some odd months because the news drought made me lose interest in posting, and then I got a promotion at work so I had even less motivation to come back when the work day ends, haha.
    AHHHHHHH! Kupo, I missed you xD But that's my own fault for being away for so long.

    My party is in Unicornis, but I actually don't play with anyone else on the forums besides some of the staff, and I haven't kept in touch with the others from the Chi party unfortunately. Most of the other players in Unchained are followers on Twitter that we've befriended. If you don't mind playing with us, we have plenty of room in our party :)
    Hey kupo1121! I hope you had a great Christmas! Oh wow I didn't realize you wrote a message to me before. Hmm I'm not sure where to start. During the Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 ReMIX Launch Event, I was able to meet a lot of people involved in the games as well as from the Disney departments. Drew Hayashida, Emiko Yamamoto, Tetsuya Nomura, Yoko Shimomura, Shinji Hashimoto, Livan, Hazama, etc. I was able to give Nomura a drawing of mines.

    As for the stuff I've gotten over the event:

    - Kingdom Hearts Amano Illustration Timeline Poster
    - Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix Lithograph (Sora/Roxas from the menu screen)
    - Kingdom Hearts Totebag
    - Kingdom Hearts Mobile Sora Charm
    - Kingdom Hearts Mobile Roxas Charm
    - Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 Limited Edition w/ Pin inside
    - Kingdom Hearts Sora Mobile Plushie as a gift from Ethy
    - Final Fantasy Type-0 Bag as a gift from Churro

    lol Yeah It's been awhile and I can't be on everyday, but when I can I make sure to do it :) I'm glad you got to Amiami, Roxas sold out first, and now Sora is gone as well so I'm just gonna get it from SENA, despite the fact that they are charging $80-90 EACH! Last time I wait to preorder on Amiami :p

    I'm jealous that you're going to the 2.5 event. I'm curious what the "free swag" will be and I'm sure I'm gonna need someone's help lol Depending on what it is ;)
    KUPO OMG it's been so long. I never realized that you were away for so long. I've been doing great and I'm going to be attending the Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 ReMIX launch event! I also hope you had a great Thanksgiving!

    Uhh yeah I've actually preordered it at AmiAmi! It should be releasing today. I saved about $40 apparently but well... sort of. Actually a few dollars but at least I get the awesome EMS shipping. I heard they were extremely fast. Ahh I guess so I suppose they'll be around roughly 7 inches then.
    Hey Kupo, I have a question. Where do you usually buy/import your figurines at? Have you ever used Amiami before and how was their shipping price for the figures you bought? And how tall are the play arts? I was wondering before I decide to preorder the Roxas Play Arts Kai.
    heya. I actually don't know where it's from (awkward), but I also really enjoy it! I found it on tumblr. I would suggest doing a google image search of it (copy image location>throw that bad boy into google>search images).

    Thanks I plan to keep it on for a while! :)
    Then GO GET THEM, don't only hoard your medals! Oh, I've got one Aqua SR card from the shop. XD

    You know what, Blu, Sound, and I are in a voice chat on Skype right now. Want to join? We're waiting. ;)
    Hey ya, good news! You know what?


    Don't spaz out.
    Black Friday. That's the time when everybody's inner desire to spend money is unleashed into the world, right? I'm fortunate there isn't anything like that here, otherwise the society I'm a part of would have been more consumeristic. :p

    Yeah, sorry I haven't done anything about your Boosters and EP... I figured you prefer to do it yourself. I don't want to screw up with your EP accrual either, haha. Then go! That YS SR+ is only 700,000 EP, and if you take a look at the recent posts about this egg hunt event in the Chi board (or our fanclub), or ask around on Skype, you'll find that it isn't impossible to get that amount of EP. I'm very sure that you will still have some leftover EP to spend on other things as well, such as that Donald & Goofy SR card which you would be happy to have.

    A silver member is a forum member that has posted at least 3,000 times. Since you've posted more than 6,000 times, you're already a gold member. That's what the colours mean. And YES, I am AWESOME like that~

    Edit: I AM SORRY. It will be quite hard for us to reach 10 million this week... I think we'll have to roll with 5 million instead. Dang Guilt reset brings the Lux gain down! Also, you might want to upgrade your assist cards for more boost.
    Welcome back, brother-in-arms! We all missed you! Did you miss us? ;) It was time for you to get a new computer, it seems. Is the one you have right now new, or did you have the old one repaired?

    I won't say that you missed things, but when you were gone, new things were implemented (and they're still on right now!). You might have noticed silver and gold chickens; those are called Boosters. They are used to increase the number of Egg Points you can get; x3 for Silver Boosters, x10 for Gold Boosters. You get Egg Points from killing enemies, opening treasure chests, or picking up materials and they can be used to redeem goods in the newly opened egg trade shop. You've got to be QUICK in using those, because the shop will close in a week! Past that point, unused Silver Boosters will turn into Ethers, and Gold ones, Mega-Ethers.

    I've been handling your account well! Last week you gained 10 million Lux, too. This week the progress has been a little bit slow because of Guilt reset, but hopefully we can make it in time. You are still at 3 million if I recall correctly, but let's go and try our best! All those new egg Heartless give out Guilt, so you might want to start going into a killing spree. Be warned, though, that you will need A SHIP LOAD of Guilt!

    I guess that's all. BUT YOU'RE FINALLY BACK! YEAH!

    PS. I'm a silver member now! XD
    On steroids, brother. On steroids.

    You can save your medals, you can use them for SR or SR+ medals, that's your call. But I agree that it would be great to wait until the shop refresh to see what they have to offer; if they don't have anything that interests you, then you can go for the Card Medals. And noooo, there won't be any Aqua card that costs 1,000 medals… it would worth at least 5,000. XD
    We hit high-leveled subs during the 2h LUT, up to L102 I believe. It was awesome.

    AND FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT'S GOOD, USE YOUR CARD MEDALS! XD It's been sitting there and taunting me for… forever! I don't have any and I'm in need of them! XD
    Hahaha, what do you expect me to say, then? "Oh, that's so sweet, Kupo; I think I'm smitten!" or something like that? Boo, you'll have to try harder if you want to get such a reaction from me~ XD
    You're not giving up on me? In what context were you saying that anyway? In any case, you'll have to try really hard to do so, because I'm not one to back down so easily! You'll have to go beyond your capabilities and I'd like to see you try. Just? don't try to meet me and have me smitten immediately because I'm telling you, that won't work. XD

    It turns out that the cards haven't changed. But have you seen the new cards that are up in the Mog Trade shop? There are Sora & Ariel (SR+ assist) and Donald & Goofy (SR assist), both Atlantica-themed (that's right! Sora, Donald, and Goofy are in their merman, octopus, and turtle forms!), and also Leon SR speed card. The HPed stat of the Sora & Ariel card is 23034 / 112%, but? that's of course assuming that you have 3 Yen Sid SR+ to HP it since there are only 4 of each card available from the Mog Trade.

    I'd be really grateful for that, really! Any Lux is better than none! I would need you to man my account on the LUT on Saturday, 7am Japan time (which I believe is Friday, 6pm your time?), and you can do just about anything you want to do with my character (but try not to sell any of my cards, okay? XD) because I trust you. If you're okay with that, I'll PM you what you need to know right after you reply to this VM, which is of course assuming that I'm awake; otherwise, I'll contact you on Skype since you seem to be always online (which hopefully means you'll notice incoming messages). Once again, thanks a whole bunch for helping out, I really appreciate that. :D
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