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  • Whoa, I'm awfully sorry and shocked that kinda the whole Thread turned against you. :/
    Agreed lol. It's definitely historically inaccurate, but it's not meant to be a history textbook; it's just meant to entertain kids and teach them the importance of communication/understanding between different cultures. If you divorce it from the social/historical context and judge it as a film based on its own merits I think there's a lot of good in there. Beautiful music/art, messages about tolerance and understanding, strong characters, etc. And honestly, I don't think Western controversy about the historical accuracy of the movie would have any affect on whether or not Nomura decides to put it in one of his games. If he wants to add it he'll add it, unless someone at Disney tells him not to, which I doubt. They're not trying to bury this movie like they did Song of the South. And if need be, they can remove/alter the more "problematic" elements and rework the plot so it takes place before/after the events of the movie and the colonists don't need to be focused on.

    All this talk about butchered adaptations of history makes me want to go watch Anastasia again xD I loved that movie as a kid.
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