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    News ► Dual wielding returns with Kingdom Hearts III's Oathkeeper and Oblivion new formchange

    I'm gonna go with the explanation that Dual Wielding is an ability that can be awakened with having two hearts, and it stays with you even if the other heart is gone. That or the simultaneous keyblade usage thing returns. OTHER than that, I'm also gonna see this the same way I see absorbing...
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    News ► [UPDATED] Square Enix removes reference to a new world in Kingdom Hearts III Re Mind

    The fact it was removed means either they meant Scala, or they weren't supposed to say that.
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    What exactly happened to Terra?

    Like others have said, Terra was recompleted alongside MX, and Past Terranort took control of the body. As for Terra's heart, it was locked within the Guardian once Terranort took over in order to prevent any struggle. And as we all know, it failed.
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    Maleficent and Pete Never Should've Been a Partnership

    Do Disney themselves even care about Classic Maleficent at this point? No, really. Do they? I legit don't know.
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    New theory says the Nameless Star isn't any KHX character, but another character we've seen and thought nothing of.

    Where did this whole "Nomura confirmed Yozora and MoM have a connection" thing come from? Because if I know anything it's that people think Nomura said "this thing" when he never said anything of the sort. Plus Yozora doesn't sound like Ray Chase at all, at least to me. His voice is pretty...
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    ReMind Discussion Thread

    Oh? I'm a bit lost.
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    ReMind Discussion Thread

    It wasn't that any record of her would disappear. Rather just memories of her. Any data regarding the creation of No.i would likely remain intact, just like how "Thank Namine" was still in the journal despite SDGJ not remembering her.
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    ReMind Discussion Thread

    So I was rewatching the trailer for the billionth time and I started wondering. The first shot of Radiant Garden, the one that's panning toward the castle, looks kinda like a world intro, don't ya think? Not saying that it is, just that it looks like one. More specifically it reminds me of the...
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    ReMind Discussion Thread

    It's pretty obvious that she'll have a Data battle. Otherwise it'd be twelve data battles.
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    News ► New Kingdom Hearts 3 Re:Mind DLC trailer, Release Dates Announced

    So....I just noticed. The Replicanorts all have No Name. And the eyes on the No Name Armiger MX has are now red.
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    News ► New Kingdom Hearts 3 Re:Mind DLC trailer, Release Dates Announced

    This trailer has got me Every damn thing I wanted was in this trailer. I have no other words. Also, who wants to bet that we aren't just getting a Data XIII, but a Data XV? Vexen and Demyx getting data fights by virtue of just being members.
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    Ven Is Master of Masters / Vanitas Is "Darkness"

    Well...Luxu got grossed out when MoM said that it was his eye in the keyblade, and MoM replied with "OH YOU THINK THAT'S G R O S S DO YA?" So, it is safe to say that MoM gouged his own eye out and shoved it into No Name.
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    Ven Is Master of Masters / Vanitas Is "Darkness"

    With Xigbar they had "They both act goofy" and "they both have one eye." Anyway, Luxu's whole thing was that the Keyblade War would bring back the MoM. But now at last the Keyblade War has begun, and Kingdom Hearts will open—a true and complete Kingdom Hearts, born of the clash between...
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    About the union leaders

    Not possible. Luxu's second report in KH3 mentions that he himself bequeathed the keyblade. If it were Ava she'd have to find Luxu and steal it first.