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    Dark Road ► Dark Road Finale Megathread

    I wonder why Nomura waited this long to start writing in family for real? Up to this point, it was definitely just found family stuff. But now we're getting parents and siblings and cousins and all kinds of stuff. I mean, I don't mind it whether it's found family or blood family but still.
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    Dark Road ► Dark Road Finale Megathread

    At last, Dark Road is complete.
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    It's ok to let go.

    My method in dealing with things I don't like in something I love is to chop it off. I imagine it as a rotting arm on a person and chopping it off with a giant knife and keeping all the parts I do like. It's kinda a delusional thing to do, pretending that stuff you don't like doesn't exist or...
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    Relig/Philo ► Can Religious Stories count as Mythology?

    Religion is mythology. The problem is when the religion is too recent, it becomes religious/political commentary since many people use their current religion to form political opinions and laws. That's all.
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    New Nomura Gameinformer interview. Discusses Disney Worlds, Quadratum, and Final Fantasy in KH4.

    We don't need to go as far as to slander him or criticize him for projects that never really took off. All successful people have had a few flops in their life and Square is not exactly known for treating their projects and lead developers with care. There's a 0% chance Disney is going anywhere.
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    New Nomura Gameinformer interview. Discusses Disney Worlds, Quadratum, and Final Fantasy in KH4.

    I'm disappointed with Nomura's view on the FF characters. As I said, the original FF characters from KH1 are hardly FF characters to me. Kingdom Hearts was my first real introduction to Final Fantasy at all so for him to say it was never intended to be Disney x FF bothers me. To this day, I...
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    The Persona Thread (Spin-offs galore!)

    Disappointed with Persona 3 P but oh well.
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    Speculation: Ven Will Disappear as Well?

    If they drop the silly "training means staying one place" mentality, then Kairi would be venturing to other worlds to investigate, solve tasks, and train just like Sora, Riku, Roxas, Xion, Aqua, Terra, and Ven did before her.
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    The Ask-a-Mod Thread

    May I ask, what cms system is the main site using? Is it a xenforo extension or are you using a completely different system for the main site and just linking to the forums separately?
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    Speculation: Ven Will Disappear as Well?

    I was reminded of the BbSV2 that never came to light other than a teaser of plot hooks. Although the game was canned, many of the concepts have certainly made their way into the series such as Aqua's mini story (0.2) At the end of the teaser, Sora disappears from the Destiny Island tree (where...
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    I'm here to save us from the spam on the profile updates I just noticed

    I'm here to save us from the spam on the profile updates I just noticed
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    Several Western Square Enix Studios Acquired by Embracer Group

    The exclusivity parade is so odd to me to be honest. I know why companies are like that (for money), but why would customers/fans be? It makes no sense, there's no benefit to a game being locked to 1 console.
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    Politics Florida governor just screwed over Disney as punishment for being "woke"

    It's more screwing the people who lived around Disney (who likely had no choice but to live there. Cause well. Disney). Disney isn't really losing anything and I doubt this will be a big financial hit. But they're probably be more quiet politically going forward. You bet your bottom dollar...
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    What's a game that you would consider yourself a pro at (Aside from KH)?

    I honestly suck at every single game I play but I love them anyway. I mean, unless you count The Sims I guess? I'm pretty good at that game, but I wouldn't really call it hard.