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    Future Links/Summons Options.

    They're just taking too far. It's not like the games are canon to the films. Yeah I don't care what they say about toy story or monsters inc;
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    Question about Xehanort's choice of "Darknesses"

    I would have had Xaldin. He was always one of the more colder and sadistic members to me.
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    Thoughts on How Disney Worlds Will Even Work (RE:MIND Spoilers Warning)

    I dunno, I don't think they'll do stuff like Genie's old Master or Triton as a kid; Disney nowadays are really strict.
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    In your opinion, did ReMind fix the game?

    they could have at least tone down on the length of certain cutscenes. I didn’t wanna rewatch all ten minutes of each one but I didn’t exactly have a choice; I was driven to watch them in catch something new happened.
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    DISNEY Characters you think should've gotten a bigger role throughout the series?

    i'd love to see Dr Facilier in the games. Have him basically be a man so bathed in darkness, he resides in the Realm of Darkness after his world was destroyed, using the remains of a castle like world or something, brought back by Hades. Yeah, I know Disney won't allow it, but man, he'd be a...
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    (SPOILERS) Union X: The Plot Thickens

    Wow...I need to catch up on this...haven't even played it. Praying to god Candy is at least a boss in this though. Gaston, i understand why not but come on, PLEASE make Cybug Candy a boss. Now I haven't played this because I just think its silly to have to pay a mobile game to understand half...
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    Future Links/Summons Options.

    same. I’m worried all Disney Villains are just there and won’t be fought anymore. Disney shouldn’t be this strict. I understand that the‘re protective of Frozen, but the games are just basically a insert your OC in a fanfic. It’s silly how we can go from Scar becoming a Heartless to being teased...
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    The Official Voice Actor Discussion Thread

    Christopher Lloyd as Xehanort... I wish they used him from the beginning. He just fits it more than Hauer. for exmaple his delivery of “open now and show me the world to come!” Is a lot more emotional, you can feel the excitement of a old man whose waited his whole life for this moment...
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    Design a KH boss battle

    Randall Boggs. Cheating here as he won’t be a actual proper boss but more as a obstacle. During your trip n the factory, he would appear with ambushes of Heartless at random. He’d have basic attacks such as 1. Invisible Strike: he’d attack with three strike combo while invisible, although you...
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    News ► New Kingdom Hearts 3 Re:Mind DLC trailer, Release Dates Announced

    Just realised...Kairi and Sora are fighting GoatNort...with thirteen no names. maybe they go back and and stop him from forging theX Blade? Whadda reckon? Recycle audio of Hauer or new actor?
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    DLC dreams you know won’t come true

    This! I don’t get Pixar saying no. Randall got beaten up a LOT in the film so I don’t see how him beaten by a key would be any different. In a series where Clayton of all people and the Magic Mirror are bosses, I don’t see excuses for no other Disney bosses.
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    DLC dreams you know won’t come true

    Same secret Disney Bosses. Yeah, it’s not gonna happen but still...
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    Light Yagami in Jump Force...

    I could forgive Light not being a playable character... yet he did so very little in the story mode it was ridiculous. He was wasted in this game. They really dumbed Light down a lot. A cube that can give him powers to go against the likes of Frezia and Goku...and he just wants to use it and...
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    News ► Famitsu interviews Nomura on Kingdom Hearts 3 Re:Mind DLC

    Agreed. If he is MOM...I wouldn’t take it seriously since we already beaten him before.
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    My feelings on Luxu’s identity (SPOILERS)

    Please understand that I actually like Xigbar as a character but I just find Chi...meh at best. Having said that, when I saw the post credit scene for 3 and the reveal of Xigbar being Luxu...I wasn’t really that impressed. Shocked? Yes. Impressed? Not really. If we count Briag, we fought Xigbar...