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Recent content by Recon

  1. Recon

    Expect to see less of me

    I usually save my posting time for after work, or maybe during a lunch break. I’m sure you’ll eventually learn to juggle fun activities vs. work. Congrats on the new job.
  2. Recon

    What's a game that you would consider yourself a pro at (Aside from KH)?

    I’m assuming games like you know like the back of your hand? Most Legend of Zelda games. Specifically Link’s Awakening. Pokémon Red/Blue. Call of Duty (series) I suppose. If I can hit across-the-map snipes while being intoxicated then I guess I’m “pro” ? Lol
  3. Recon


    Hella Hennessy tong hit yeeee cheers
  4. Recon

    Kingdom Hearts Series PC Modding Thread

    Whoever did the Uno card mod is a legend.
  5. Recon

    When Are You Going To Buy A PS5 or Xbox Series X?

    Newegg selling bundles for $1,000+. Absolutely ridiculous.
  6. Recon

    Politics What Do You Think About President Biden So Far?

    He’s almost at his 100 days. I mean he’s doing OK. The stimulus package was big and the country is doing well with vaccinations. Certainly less chaotic than Trump. I really don’t think foreign relations is his strong suite, but we’ll see.
  7. Recon

    Caption the avatar above you!

    “Yo, you gunna eat that?”
  8. Recon

    Final Fantasy XVI

    I will be shocked if it doesn’t. 99.9% chance we’re getting the release date. My $ is on November.
  9. Recon

    Cartoon/TV ► Falcon and the Winter Soldier (2021)

    Anyone kinda find it funny that the dark/racial undertones are brought up front? I mean this is Disney we’re talking about... So, I’ve rewatched the episodes and the one thing that still annoys me is how the show went from super awesome rescue mission to finding out and dealing with a new cult...
  10. Recon


    Welcome my dude
  11. Recon

    Caption the avatar above you!

    “Take your sea salt ice cream and stick it up your ***”
  12. Recon

    TV ► CW's Powerpuff Girls Live-Action

    I love Chloe and Dove, but holy shit this is gunna be hot trash
  13. Recon

    Super Smash Bros Ultimate: Stop Requesting Characters That Did Not Originated From A Video Game

    I'm with Danrye001 on this, they'll never run out of video game/Nintendo characters. I mean, shit, they still need to add Waluigi
  14. Recon

    News ► TWEWY -The Animation- opening theme to be replaced following scandal

    Yoooo that update is WILD! Like holy shit. The scam sounds like a phishing attack tbh
  15. Recon

    Caption the avatar above you!

    "My friends are my power"