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    News ► Sneak Peek at the Kingdom Hearts 1.5 Trophy List!

    Re: Sneak Peak at the Kingdom Hearts 1.5 Trophy List! Debating whether or not to get a PS3 solely for this game.. lol. I'm pretty bored of my 360 since not much is releasing atm. The trophy list looks nice.. its pretty long also which is a + as it'll take some time to complete.
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    Love it! I havent been looking up BBS much, so can anyone answer ONE question I have? Why the hell do I see some Org.13 members there? Im guessing its the actual people and not the nobodies? Thnks!
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    The World Ends with You

    Kanesada Lv7 (No. 084 Jupiter of the Monkey) Cure Drink Lv4 (No. 268 Unbranded) Ice Risers Lv7 (No. 002 D+B) Lightning Moon Lv5 (No. 060 Mus Rattus) Link Spider Lv5 (No. 171 Lapin Angelique) Konohana Sakuya Lv1 (No. 102 Jupiter of the Monkey) If you got any to suggest, please tell me where I...
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    The World Ends with You

    I almost defeated him, but I was using Beat o.o Then I was one hit away, when I was using Shiki. Joshua is strong, but he gets killed to easily for me :/. Btw my pins suck, got any you suggest?
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    The World Ends with You

    I managed to damage Mr. H a lot. Its that Joshua keeps taking to much damage.
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    The World Ends with You

    I'll try.. Where can I find a tektite?
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    The World Ends with You

    So can you give me any tips on how the fuck to beat him on Hard? (Mr. H) :[. I could manage everything else on Ultimate (except for the Uzuki and Koki fight, where they're under control)
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    The World Ends with You

    You've beaten Mr. H on ultimate, right?
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    The World Ends with You

    I can't manage to defeat Mr. H on Hard.. Cause on Ultimate he kicks my ass. Anyone has any tips for me? I really want that last secret report. Where can I find a tektite? (Btw, on Day 1 with Shiki does anyone notice Joshua on the bottom screen when Neku is in the Statue of Hachiko? When Neku...
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    Help/Support ► What Should I Do?

    That was just abit harsh don't you think? Now look, it really doesn't matter how many mods you have looking at your thread. Its not like they're going to ban you for every single little thing. But, Vodka is true at one point. You were in the forums long enough to realize that someone people...
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    Terra Battle

    I beat him. These were my stats: Sora (Level 99): Attack: 117 Defense: 127 Magic: 104 Donald (Level 99): Attack: 80 Defense: 98 Magic: 113 Goofy (Level 99): Attack: 104 Defense: 100 Magic: 0 Sora, Donald, and Goofy had their Ultima weapons. I had a bunch of Elixirs, while Donald had...
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    New 358/2 Days Trailer!

    Re: About the new trailer for 358/2 Days... -- WOAH, WHAT? Sora was mimicking Roxas (like Marly said). Could be a Data, dream, or imagination. Could be anything. It isn't something to look into though.
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    Thats wonderful, I'm pretty sure everybody expected it-.- Anyways, that was no need to open a thread about it. You could of easily posted that in the proper thread, not make one.
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    The World Ends with You

    Re: The World Ends With You The music was kind of homo though ._. One or two songs were good though.
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    Where did you get your final form?!?!

    I first got Final Form while I was fighting some Nobodies in TWTNW.