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    Can Disney Villains Get Norted?

    I was going to give out the possibility of darkness in the villains’ hearts manifesting as an exact clone of said villains but then I realized that would just be a heartless. Still say the villains fighting dark versions of themselves ala the final battle from Bowser’s Inside Story would be awesome
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    Can Disney Villains Get Norted?

    I just want the Disney villains to have relevance in the plot again. Is that so much to ask?
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    Can Disney Villains Get Norted?

    Oh yeah… BUT WAIT!!! The master of masters may be capable of such things
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    Can Disney Villains Get Norted?

    We have never seen any of the Disney characters get Norted. However, if any were to, it would definitely be the villains. They did hint that Elsa could fall to darkness in kh3 so if that can happen, a character being Norted sunny otu of the question
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    Studio Ghibli In KH 4?

    I don’t think they even have distribution rights anymore.
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    News ► Kingdom Hearts IV and Missing-Link officially announced!

    Star Wars you have a point but at least Pixar is animated and therefore blends better with the rest of the Disney worlds Edit: I know Pirates was an exception to this rule. But that was live action from the get go and not a remake banking on the nostalgia of the original
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    News ► Pat Carroll, voice of Ursula, dies aged 95

    First Iago. Now Ursula. The Disney Villains really ARE going extinct
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    News ► Kingdom Hearts IV and Missing-Link officially announced!

    Live action remakes do NOT belong in Kingdom Hearts. Especially if you’re gonna retcon the animated versions out. That’s just deplorable
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    Film ► The question no one seems to ask about A Goofy Movie

    Well yeah but what court would agree to let Pete keep one of his kids out of the divorce. The guy’s a complete jerk
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    Spoilers ► KH1 Riku is a Mother F*%#er, y’know that?!

    Let’s review: He messes with Sora’s feelings for Kairi even before Destiny Islands is destroyed with that paupu fruit race bet. He’s willing to trust the word of a Disney villain over his best friend He adds injury to insult when taking the keyblade by manipulating Donald and Goofy into...
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    Kingdom Hearts Nitpicks

    I could never beat Riku at that race no matter what console I played it on. Also Riku is an asshole in Kingdom Hearts 1. Like what kind of guy is willing to trust a Disney villain’s word over the word of their best friend
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    Film ► The question no one seems to ask about A Goofy Movie

    Where were Peg and Pistol (Pete’s wife and daughter respectively from Goof Troop)? Like it’s been established in the movie that PJ respects Pete rather than love him. so did something happen that split the family? Did Pete do something to them? Somebody out there give me some possible answers
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    Film ► A quick note about Disney remaking Hunchback of Notre Dame

    I think the problem is a disabled actor playing Quasimodo would require a voice that can both sing and sound like authentically disabled. Not saying it can’t be done. It’s just be really hard. And before anyone says anything about how I’m wrong for thinking that, Know that I played Scar in a...