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  1. The_Echo

    11/23 Union χ JP Update: Premium Quests, Black Friday Events & Deals

    I'm not the only one not seeing the Ramuh event, right?
  2. The_Echo

    *MoM SPOILERS!* We really need to talk about Kairi...

    I hate to break it to you but Nomura had a not-insignificant part in writing FFVII, including Aerith And Toriyama is credited as an event planner, not even a writer.
  3. The_Echo

    *MoM SPOILERS!* We really need to talk about Kairi...

    The 3rd Birthday would like a word
  4. The_Echo

    Dengeki: Nomura discusses OST, MOM, Kingdom Hearts going on break

    Gotta make sure Motomu Toriyama is nowhere near the project as well
  5. The_Echo

    Is Kingdom Hearts poorly written?

    That's a big question. People often say KH is poorly-written because they have difficulty following along, for whatever reason. Alternatively, because they find fault with the very basic premise. Surface-level judgments by surface-level brains who think they know more than they do. When it...
  6. The_Echo

    *MoM SPOILERS!* We really need to talk about Kairi...

    I was disappointed we didn't get more from Kairi's past. But because of the rest of the story, I know that blank decade will be explored more in the future, which is fine by me. Otherwise, I have no qualms about the story of MoM or Kairi's role therein. I know people want Kairi to be an...
  7. The_Echo

    Dengeki: Nomura discusses OST, MOM, Kingdom Hearts going on break

    Where's the Parasite Eve Remake, Nomura I'm waiting
  8. The_Echo

    Spoilers ► Post-MOM Theories

    Player is the heart inside Yozora's body. That's not a new theory, just one I continue to be convinced of Also The Bouncer's cast will be in Quadratum
  9. The_Echo

    Spoilers ► KHMoM ending is the true KH3 ending (or why we need a KH3 Final Mix+)

    Re Mind is effectively KHIII Final Mix as it is. We don't need a rerelease to a platform that can already play KHIII. And we don't need yet another bundle package after the PS4 had four of them. However you feel about KHIII, it's time to move on. Nomura and his team already have.
  10. The_Echo

    If you could go back in time to KH3's development, what changes would you make?

    Pull Disney out of the development process. From what we've been told through interviews, it seems a lot of development time was spent (wasted, I'd say) on back-and-forths with Disney staff who were a combination of unnecessarily particular and just plain unhelpful. I think everything would've...
  11. The_Echo

    What Melody of Memory could mean for the future projects

    I don't think there's any intention to collaborate with indieszero for a Days or Re:coded remake, or anything that isn't a rhythm game. Just looking at the company's back catalog, I don't think they're suited to be put in charge of an action-RPG project, least of all one that's meant to revive...
  12. The_Echo

    Spoilers ► LEAKS discussion - ENTER AT OWN RISK

    The fact that the new story happens exclusively after the recap is... I'm not really sure what to think. I had assumed it'd have a frame narrative surrounding the rhythm game, but with that out the window, how do they contextualize the rhythm game we've been playing for hours as also being part...
  13. The_Echo

    Spoilers ► LEAKS discussion - ENTER AT OWN RISK

    Even though they've confirmed they have a copy of the game, I can't help but doubt the veracity of this information After all the talk about anyone being able to play MoM because of One-Button Style, it's not available in the story mode? With 33 confirmed boss tracks, only 3 of them are present...
  14. The_Echo

    Dark Road: Chapter 3 - The Purpose of the Journey

    I think that's a very exaggerated version of what's actually happening Is Nomura upset about Versus XIII? Almost assuredly. Is he somehow in-league with Disney to strongarm Square execs into letting him make Versus XIII a part of KH? Uh... probably not my guy I'm pretty sure it's just a case...
  15. The_Echo

    Dark Road: Chapter 3 - The Purpose of the Journey

    I wonder what the significance is of mentioning the Deadly Sins as sources of darkness, after having named the Master's pupils after those sins. It seems like Eraqus' lineage might wind up being relevant. Obviously we're all thinking Brain, but could UX and DR really only be separated by a...