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    Am I the only one who....

    like KH2? Like, a lot? The first one was amazing, but the 2nd one gave me this warm fuzzy feeling. especially when sora and riku came home.
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    hey there!!

    I've been on this site for like, half a month but i still haven't gotten too many friends! i love meeting people! i'm really super friendly! i have a short temper though. just a warning. i'd do ANYTHING for my friends. trust me. I like indie music :3 get to know meeee!!! :D my names sophia...
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    What's your favorite Kingdom Hearts game and why?

    Don't say Birth By Sleep cause we all know thats gonna be everyone's new fave ;) i cannot wait!! Mine would have to be the first one...or the second one. I like the second one cause its a lot more emotional than the first one but the first one gives me that sense of adventure that I love :D...
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    What are your theories on KH3

    What do you thinks gonna happen?
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    Kingdom Hearts BBS Final Mix on the 3DS?

    I'm buying BBS but I'm borrowing my friends PSP to play it because I've been saving up for the 3DS (so i could play re:coded :p) so I'd be pretty dang happy!!! Either way, I can't wait for BBS!
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    What do you think well happen in the next Kingdom Hearts? (not re:coded or BBS)

    What do you think will happen?? :)