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    Times that KH actually helped you.

    I truly believed that these games saved my relationship with my siblings. Before I started playing these games, my brother and I would fight all the time, while my sister was always stuck in the middle. I started playing these games, and my brother watched me, since it was Disney stuff and...
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    If You Could Weild a Keyblade, Which One(s), How, and Why?

    Either Bond of Flame Or Void Gear Purely for aesthetic.
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    Sora from Kingdom Hearts announced as a new DLC fighter in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

    Just wait... they're gonna use this as an explanation for why his stats are back at level 0 in KH4. "Unfortunately, your battle with Bowser left you too drained... go to more Disney Worlds, thank you and goodbye."
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    I know it's not real, it's just strange, at least for me, to picture Mario with anything but that voice.
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    I don't mean to say that Chris Pratt is a bad voice actor. He's definitely good! It's just that I'm skeptical about the Italian accent that Mario has.
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    That's different though. Onward and Lego movie were basically just Chris Pratt being Chris Pratt. He wasn't doing a different voice, or accent. Mario is a completely different character. Chris Pratt as Mario is either going to be Chris Pratt with his normal voice, or Chris Pratt doing an Italian...
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    KHUX ► [Theory] New forms of Darkness

    I think we're only going to have 7 darknesses, and we'll have 13 lights. Mainly just because of that scene at the end of kh3, with young Xehanort and Eraqus, where Eraqus says he heard of new game, with seven black pieces and thirteen light pieces. I think they might be switching the roles. If...
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    English cast for The World Ends With You - The Animation revealed, to start streaming Friday

    I'm a little disappointed, especially since I wanted to hear Joshua and Minamimoto's og voices, but I'll still check out the dub! Hopefully they'll be just as good!
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    The Master's eye

    The MoM's gazing eye confuses me. Is it his actual eye, or is it just figurative? I know in Back Cover he said it was his eye, but the eye is on so many keyblades, like Vanitas's, Riku's old one, all of the Foretellers, YX's, and Terra's. You're telling me the guy has 8 eyeballs? Or is it just...
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    Disney Animated Series in Kingdom Hearts

    Oh, I didn't know that. Guess I can scratch that off my wishful wishes list.
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    Disney Animated Series in Kingdom Hearts

    I would want them to put in Gravity Falls, with them helping Dipper and Ford discover the Heartless so they can document it in the journal. It would be fun to fight Bill too.
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    Your top three returning Disney worlds

    I would love to see Neverland and Pride Lands with better graphics, and with more to explore, especially for the Pride Lands. I want Toy Box again just because it was my favorite world of kh3.
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    The Problem with the Master of Masters' Identity Theories

    I really don't want it to be Sora. It would interesting, sure, but it would also be really annoying. I like the idea of having a brand new character, someone we don't know. I wouldn't necessarily be surprised if the MoM was somehow connected to Sora or Demyx, like Demyx is his nobody or...
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    What would you change about KH:DDD story?

    I'd get rid of the drop gauge. It's so stressful.
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    Can we talk about the cricket....

    Jiminy is Remy the rat’s teacher, he secretly controls Sora throughout his adventures by hiding and pulling on Sora’s spiky hair. This is why Xehanort is bald. Gods cower in fear at the name of Jiminy Cricket.