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Fanfiction ► Legend of Zelda: Heir to the Throne

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Thank You Jonathan Larson
Jun 23, 2005
Recounting my exploits as an Anarchist. =D
Hey, it's Katattack again. Starting a Legend of Zelda fic, just because I can. Now, because it is impossible not to OoC Link, it is, no matter how hard you try, this is an original character placed in the Ocarina of Time setting.

Chapter 1: The Web is Woven. (Spider pun... sorry...)

The valiant hero had returned. Filled with pride, the young man in green held out a small, plain sack. Dokuro's family gasped. His father slid down towards the ground on his web line, almost hesitantly. Every member held their breathe. They didn't want to be disappointed again.

The triumphant young man held out the sack to the head of the house, knowing that he would wish to see for himself. Reaching a striped, frail appendage out, Dokuro's father managed to take the sack. He then opened it, quickly, like he expected it to be empty.

It wasn't. Golden tokens, tiny, poured out, expanding as they fell through the air and onto the wooden floor. Instantly, the men fell from their perches in the rafters of their home, falling to the ground. But for the first time in years, they fell on backs without a skull-like shell to protect them. They felt the pain of the fall, enough to shock them for a few seconds, and leave a mighty bruise.

But they loved it. They got to their feet when they could, rising up and looking at eachother in disbelief. Link left while Navi lingered. It was only when Dokuro's father threw two hundred rupees out the door when Navi left. Greedy little fairy, but then, they all were.

Somehow during all the excitement, for his brothers had already broken out the sparkling cider, Dokuro had been forgotten.

The youngest brother, he headed out, through the dusty window, and onto his roof. He looked around, looking at his now human legs, arms, and feet, trying to feel some gratitude.

But being half-skulltula would bring anyone down.

Sorry it's so short! Had to get off all of a sudden!


Hooray! Hooray!
Dec 24, 2004
I could never beat the Ocarina of Time. The monsters scared me.

>_> <_<

I was twelve.

Anyway, it'll be a bit hard for me to relate, but keep it going.


Thank You Jonathan Larson
Jun 23, 2005
Recounting my exploits as an Anarchist. =D
Smash this into the first chapter, eh?

Chapter 1 1/2: The Solitary Spider. (Another pun, I'm sorry!)

Dokuro couldn't figure it out. His brothers had all changed back. Even his father, the man who had been the greediest of all, was no longer a monster.

Dokuro, however, still kept the shell of the monster, and his face was nearly as grotesque. His hands were still useful, but hardly human. And he was alone.

He crawled back into his house, not revealing himself to his brothers until the party was over. He didn't want to intrude and ruin their mood so quickly. Finally, his father spoke.

He announced that this didn't change anything. Dokuro would live as normal a life as he could until the Hero found another way to lift the curse. The brothers were all reassured, but their youngest brother knew the truth.

He knew that Link would not find the way to break the curse even if he had the time to. While the rest of his family had wasted away in the rafters, Dokuro had spent his time outside, scaring a small boy into telling him the news.

The boy, whose father was captain of the guards in Kakariko, knew much about the recent events unfolding in town. Dokuro knew of Ganondorf's new found power. It would be more than enough for Link to handle.

Still, his father sent away for The Hero, who wrote back with the reply Dokuro knew would come. While his brothers enjoyed the town, Dokuro was only allowed out at night. And he had to wear a hooded cloak. A "Gift" from the rest of the town.

They had tried to put the fact that they'd like his face covered as kindly as possible. And failed. He had gotten the message though, choosing to wear the hood down when he decided the town was too quiet.

Or too content. No one had the nerve to call him bitter, however. He still had the reflexes of a Skultula, after all. He also had the cloak fitted so it didn't cover his shell.

He liked to scare the children, no matter how cruel it seemed. They liked to be scared, too. The kids he didn't mind. They listened to his scary stories, his disfigured face adding to the effect. They loved it.

But children understood that he was a person. Adults didn't. Adults smiled nervously and tried to compliment how he used to look. He played along, though. But he knew how they spoke behind his back. He could talk to spiders.

Any skulltula could, he learned from them. More importantly, they were bound by the Queen to serve any skulltula. He was assured that he qualified for this aid. He wasn't sure how happy that made him, however.

When questioned about the Queen, however, he was told that he was not Skulltula enough to hear that information. Not a single spider would tell. None, however, except Sohcahtoa.

"Sohcahtoa?" Dokuro questioned him about his name.

"I named myself. I did not take her name. Not her's." The spider mumbled. He was an unordinary spider, in most aspects. He did, however, have a supreme hatred for any mention of the Queen.

The Skulltula Queen, to be exact. Sohcahtoa was disgusted by her, it seemed. He knew the restrictions on releasing information to the "Bone-hiding". Dokuro figured this name referred to the lack of an exo-skeleton in humans.

However, Sohcahtoa was easy to confuse. Most days, Dokuro could pass as a very large Skulltula if he crawled on his stomach. That was one way to get information.

The other way, Dokuro discovered, was by assuring Toe that he wished to kill the queen. Toe immediately raved on and on about the queen at that.

After an agonizingly long wait, Dokuro finally managed to catch where the queen's hive was located.

"Thinks she's safe in that little hole of hers. Thinks the sand'll keep her safe. They won't like it. The Fire-heads'll dig her up."

The next event to occur still shocked Dokuro when he looked back on it. Other spiders had been listening, this time. They began pouring out of a small hole in the ground.

Dozens of spiders, over a hundred, gathered, surrounding Toe, who still raved on about the queen.

"You will leave." Was the only warning Dokuro got before a spider nearly three feet long jumped on him, aiming for his throat. Skulltula reflexes let him dodge, but he hobbled away as quickly as he could, finally giving up and crawling back home. He wasn't about to take on more poisonous spiders than he could count, and crawling was much faster for him.

He tried his hardest, but still found himself feeling sorry for Toe. He had forced the information out of him. He was responsible for his death.

But he couldn't worry about that now. Dokuro knew the queen could help him. He was going to head find her. Toe had let out too much information. The Queen was located near where all evil originates. The Gerudo Fortress.

>.< I updarted. =D


Thank You Jonathan Larson
Jun 23, 2005
Recounting my exploits as an Anarchist. =D
Yeah... sorry, Krazy...

Whoa! New fan I've never met! Hello! You're the first Non-Muffin General fan!

If I may call you a fan, that is.

I guess I'll update! Oh, and sorry Krazy. Maybe some day he shall be better looking. Though that shouldn't matter. XD

Dokuro's glory was short lived. As he sat, hunched over and panting, the door locked behind him. Forgetting his temporary exhaustion, Dokuro turned around quickly to face his attacker.

It was just his brother. It was strange to call him that. Dokuro had become so detached from his family since the curse was lifted. He knew his presence made his brothers guilty. He knew his father felt the worst.

"Dokuro..." His brother, only a year older than him, softly said. "I know what you're planning to do."

"Go back to bed, Cyprus." Dokuro ordered, silently fuming that he had been caught.

"No." His brother replied. "No, you can't leave. I... I forbid you to leave!" He would have sounded more impressive if his voice hadn't wavered.

"Cyprus..." Dokuro started to protest.

"No!" His brother grew more confident. "I am your older brother. You may not leave." He blocked Dokuro's path to the door. Dokuro grimaced.

"You're not older than me. Physically, yes. But you are still young. Anyone could see that. But I..." He looked hatefully at his reflection in the mirror they shared. "I am a monster." He looked back at his brother. "Monsters are as old as they want to be."

He silently grabbed the sack that Link had left during his last visit. Dokuro did his best to intimidate his brother, emitting a menacing hiss. His brother, however, was nearly as determined.

Blocking his younger brother's path, Cyprus knew he could take his brother on. Even skulltula reflexes wouldn't matter if he could get one attack in. As his brother passed, Cyprus took hold of his shell, pulling him back hard and sending him sprawling.

Dokuro fell on the ivory skull he detested so much. It would have been simple to get up, he knew. But his spider half's instincts kicked in. He panicked, thrashing his arms and legs in the air before finally tucking them in to his sides. His heart raced. His vision blurred.

Suddenly, he was right side up again. He looked toward his brother, who looked horrified from his action.

"I... I didn't mean-" His brother started. Dokuro almost showed emotion. But that would have been wrong.

He wanted his brother to remember him as a monster. That would make it easier for him after he left. Dokuro fell to his hands and feet. Elongated arms and unique joints let him crawl much faster than he could walk. He tried to mimic an injured animal as best he could.

"I will miss you, brother." He hissed in the language of the Skulltula. A language that never sounded kind, no matter how sincere the words may have been.

Dokuro kicked the door open, still on all fours, and scrambled out of his home. He looked back, for the last time.

No. Not for the last time, he decided. Maybe the last time as a Skulltula, but he would be back. And he would be human.

The Skulltula Queen was going to help him.
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