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Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory features 45 trophies1 Platinum, 3 Gold, 11 Silver, 30 Bronze.

Visit this page to view Xbox achievements.

 Melody of Memory Complete Master Obtain all trophies.
World Adventurer Clear all songs in a world.
Confronting the Enemy Clear a Boss Battle Music Stage.
Connected Tones Get a Full Chain.
Prelude to Battle Defeat a COM opponent.
Diverging Paths Use every team at least once.
Memory Collector Unlock all Story Archive movies.
Melody's End Clear the game and view the ending.
Beginner Player Clear 50 songs on Beginner.
Standard Player Clear 50 songs on Standard.
Proud Player Clear 50 songs on Proud.
Beginner Chain Master Clear 50 songs with a Full Chain on Beginner.
Standard Chain Master Clear 50 songs with a Full Chain on Standard.
Proud Chain Master Clear 50 songs with a Full Chain on Proud.
Enemy Sweeper Defeat 10,000 enemies.
Enemy Breaker

Defeat 50,000 enemies.

Enemy Buster Defeat 100,000 enemies.
High Score Hunter Achieve a total score of 500,000,000.
High Score Master Achieve a total score of 2,000,000,000.
Rhythm Point Hoarder Collect 50,000 Rhythm Points.
That's My Jam Play the same Music Stage 10 times.
Item Master Use 100 items.
Treasure Hunter Find 100 treasure chests.
Item Hunter Obtain 10,000 items from Music Stages.
Unbreaking Melody Play 100 Music Stages.
Bonds of Friendship Hit 100 friend orbs.
Master Crafter Synthesize 100 items.
Moogle Master Get the moogle to the highest level.
Legendary Battler Defeat 20 COM opponents.
Shining Platinum Reach Platinum 1 rank in COM Battle.
EXP Hunter Earn 2,000 EXP or more in one song.
Enemy Juggler Attack the same enemy 19 times or more throughout one song.
Master Glider Spend one minute or more gliding in a Field Battle Music Stage.
By the King's Side Fight alongside King Mickey for an hour.
Technician Clear all five of Today's Tunes with a Full Chain.
Mission Hunter Complete all missions in 10 worlds.
Leveled Out

Reach the highest level with Team Classic.

Open the Door

Clear all songs in 10 worlds.

Follow the Path

Clear all songs in 30 worlds.

Light the Darkness

Clear all songs in 50 worlds.

World Tourist

Clear all songs in all worlds.

Beginner Maestro

Clear all songs on Beginner.

Standard Maestro

Clear all songs on Standard.

Proud Maestro

Clear all songs on Proud.


Play all songs.

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