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Who do you prefer to play as in Kingdom Hearts 3D?

Sora - 100%
Riku - 0%

Total votes: 1, but the poll doesn't work yet

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An Evil Plan 6.76 KB
banjo s house blues 2.41 KB
battle with hag 1 2 51.38 KB
bottles house 9.46 KB
bottles house 2 v1 1 11.69 KB
cauldron keep 10.86 KB
cauldron keep interior 8.72 KB
cheato s theme 5.59 KB
chilli billi chilly willy hailfire peaks bosses 57.95 KB
cloud cuckooland 23.08 KB
cloud cuckooland racin with mary 39.18 KB
cloud cuckooland 2 23.64 KB
cloud cuckooland haunted mansion remix 12.58 KB
credits 44.28 KB
fun n games 26.22 KB
game select menu 6.31 KB
glitter gulch mine 9.59 KB
glitter gulch mine racin with mary 30.93 KB
glitter gulch mine 2 39.63 KB
glitter gulch mine 3 8.98 KB
glitter gulch mine 4 39.65 KB
glitter gulch mine bullion bill s cabin 6.83 KB
glitter gulch mine factory remix 31.89 KB
glitter gulch mine jungle remix 40.49 KB
glitter gulch mine mountain remix v1 1 33.89 KB
glitter gulch mine polka remix 32.60 KB
glitter gulch mine rock remix 44.93 KB
grunty industries 25.08 KB
grunty industries happy remix 23.27 KB
grunty industries inside 16.13 KB
grunty industries quiet interior 6.48 KB
grunty industries weldar 25.51 KB
grunty industries 2 24.64 KB
grunty industries 3 7.94 KB
grunty industries 4 14.46 KB
grunty industries clinker s cavern 10.13 KB
grunty industries tower of tragedy remix 45.92 KB
hailfire peaks fireside 13.17 KB
hailfire peaks fireside 2 v2 0 43.37 KB
hailfire peaks fireside 3 41.00 KB
hailfire peaks fireside 4 10.00 KB
hailfire peaks ice side 14.42 KB
hailfire peaks ice side 2 18.79 KB
heggy s egg shed 10.70 KB
here comes trouble 13.77 KB
honey b 3.90 KB
isle o hags 10.91 KB
isle o hags 2 15.59 KB
isle o hags arranged 14.39 KB
isle o hags spooky remix 3.84 KB
jiggy wiggy s puzzle challenge 19.76 KB
jiggy wiggy s temple 5.79 KB
jinjo village 20.31 KB
jinjo village snowy remix 41.92 KB
jinjo village techno remix 10.94 KB
jolly roger s lagoon 7.81 KB
jolly roger s lagoon atlantis 12.45 KB
jolly roger s lagoon atlantis 2 11.90 KB
jolly roger s lagoon atlantis 3 11.73 KB
jolly roger s lagoon atlantis factory remix 27.64 KB
jolly roger s lagoon atlantis ranch remix 30.17 KB
jolly roger s lagoon lord woo fak fak 22.85 KB
jolly roger s lagoon 2 10.74 KB
jolly roger s lagoon cloud cuckooland remix 24.72 KB
jolly roger s lagoon desert remix 43.15 KB
jolly roger s lagoon medieval town remix 8.73 KB
klungo s theme 33.44 KB
klungo s theme 2 15.60 KB
klungo s theme 3 44.04 KB
klungo s theme techno remix 43.17 KB
madame grunty s tent 2.44 KB
mayahem kickball lobby 7.48 KB
mayahem temple 15.02 KB
mayahem temple interior 6.66 KB
mayahem temple 2 20.19 KB
mayahem temple 3 37.45 KB
mayahem temple cavern remix 2.98 KB
mayahem temple stormy remix v1 1 30.26 KB
mumbo s skull jazz remix 22.65 KB
old king coal 57.57 KB
ordnance storage room 5.42 KB
party at bottles 11.36 KB
party at bottles 2 23.39 KB
pause 3.99 KB
spiral mountain desert remix 28.70 KB
terry 52.05 KB
terrydactyland 16.88 KB
terrydactyland 2 9.37 KB
terrydactyland gameshow remix 5.51 KB
title screen 7.42 KB
title screen all banjo remix 9.20 KB
title screen bluegrass remix 17.06 KB
title screen christmas remix 31.48 KB
title screen cloud cuckooland remix 8.76 KB
title screen dance remix 22.76 KB
title screen fairgrounds remix 14.41 KB
title screen latin remix 32.79 KB
title screen marimba lick remix v1 1 5.67 KB
title screen nes mario remix 21.46 KB
title screen promo video remix v2 0 19.54 KB
title screen spacey remix 14.95 KB
witches theme 20.64 KB
witchy world 18.61 KB
witchy world wild west zone 7.95 KB
witchy world 2 9.80 KB
witchyworld mr patch 28.48 KB
wumba s wigam 13.99 KB
wumba s wigwam oriental remix 11.32 KB
zombified throne room 5.90 KB

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