Yes everyone, as the Jump Festa approaches, new rumors, news, and information has been released for Kingdom Hearts. Such as.

- A Commemoration Sale for Kingdom Hearts
- Rumors for the Jump Festa 2006 Trailer
- A Map for Square-Enix's Jump Festa section
- And a special Christmas picture Presented by Square-Enix with Roxas as Santa

For more information on all of this, read the rest of this article!

More information has been steadily rising about the Kingdom Hearts Final Mix books, such as the book will be sold in 3 Volumes! And release dates for the other 2 Volumes, Volume 2 will be sold on January 22nd 2007, as Volume 3 will be sold a month later, Exactly making this one February 22nd 2007! There will be a commemoration sale held to featuring "Kingdom Hearts II Vol 1" "Kingdom Hearts Final Mix Vol 1" and "Kingdom Hearts Character Report" Also each Character Report will contain one Collectible Kingdom Hearts card, from what series, unknown for now!

Square-Enix updated their Jump Festa for those who are lost on the location of the Kingdom Hearts Section which is opened to the public