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The world is coming to an end, as Kingdom Hearts envelops everything in sight - a beautiful spectacle despite the bleak reality. A dark-cloaked figure watches from afar, a large, black box by his feet. His hands rest upon the hilt of a Keyblade decorated with an emblem of a goat. In the centre of the blade is a giant, glistening eye that reflects countless Keyblades abandoned by their wielders.


As the battle with Xehanort draws near, Yen Sid reveals the existence of Keyblade wielders Ventus, Terra, and Aqua, three of the seven guardians of light. However, all have disappeared from this world. The King had encountered one, Aqua, in the realm of darkness, and he shares their tale.


Wandering through the realm of darkness, Aqua discovers a familiar sight - the Castle of Dreams. There, she sees Terra, but he vanishes without a word. Was it merely a vision projected by her hopes, her memories?

As she continues to explore the darkness, she comes across a glass coffin - identical to the one from Dwarf Woodlands. In it lies an illusion of Ventus. Seeing her friend, she is reminded of her promise to return and wake him.

Feeling as though she's being watched, she turns around to discover a mirror. She leans in to touch it, and a hand reaches out and pulls her inside. Once there, she's attacked by a phantom of herself, all of whom try to break her resolve.

Aqua prevails and manages to escape that world. However, it make her realise the darkness is slowly eating away at her through the weakness of her heart.

Before Aqua stands another familiar sight, this one covered in ivy - Enchanted Dominion. As she's about the venture inside, illusions of Terra and Ventus appear. Though she knows in her heart her friends aren't really there, she chases after them.

Defeating dwellers of darkness along the way, she finally catches up to her friends. However, only Terra responds to her voice, as his heart is still connected to darkness. Ventus, his expression vacant, still sleeps in his hiding place.

Terra explains that Xehanort is looking for Ven. As Aqua is about to reassure him, all of a sudden, Terra begins to act strangely. He's taken over by Xehanort, who yearns to discover where Ven is hiding. However, Terra's heart holds strong, and they struggle.

Out of nowhere, large hands grab Aqua and Ven, lifting them off their feet. As she loses consciousness, she watches Terra muster all his strength and pull away from Xehanort.

As Aqua drifts within the darkness, Mickey reaches out for her. She awakens, only to realise the images of Terra and Ventus are nowhere to be seen. She then learns from Mickey that ten years have passed in the realm of light, and that the thread of darkness looms ever close. On top of that, Terra still hasn't been found. Mickey explains that he's looking for a Keyblade that could prevent the spreading of darkness, and Aqua decides to search with him.

Before long, they arrive on a beach beneath a clear blue sky. Aqua shares that this is the place she met Sora and Riku - Destiny Islands. Hearing that convinces Mickey they're in the right place.

They find a cave, and within it - behind a door - the Keyblade. Mickey takes it in his hand. A bright light engulfs them, and when they open their eyes, they find themselves before the open door to Kingdom Hearts. To prevent darkness from escaping and destroying other worlds, Mickey knows he must close the door with the combined power of his and Sora's Keyblades.

It's not long before Riku appears to close the door, but he's chased by a monster of darkness. Aqua steps in front of the creature's path and is swept outside the cave. The door to the outside world vanishes, separating Mickey and Aqua. As Aqua fights the monster, she realises that she cannot go home yet, but knows she'll make it there one day.

Then together, Sora and Mickey close the door to Kingdom Hearts.

Laying on the beach, Aqua watches as the world restores itself around her. Left behind in the darkness, she falls deeper and deeper into the abyss. However, her expression is peaceful and serene.

"May our hearts be our guiding key."

In the Dark Margin, a figure in black stands amongst the rocks. Slowly, Aqua approaches him.


The King's story ends there.

Yen Sid reveals that he had forbidden Mickey from speaking of his meeting with Aqua because no one held the power to rescue her from the realm of darkness. However, things have changed, and the King and Riku are determined to save her. Meanwhile, the new Keyblade wielder Kairi begins her training with Lea under the wizard Merlin.

Sora returns from his journey to the Sleeping Worlds and reunites with Donald and Goofy. Yen Sid states that in order to defeat Xehanort, Sora must reclaim the powers he lost from nearly becoming a dark vessel, and acquire the ability to awaken sleeping allies.

With that, Sora, Donald, and Goofy embark on a brand-new adventure.

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