Elsa, Anna, Rapunzel, and Kairi make up four of the new Princesses of Heart. Come theorise who the last three Princesses will be!


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Dream Eaters

Dream Eaters are a brand new enemy that plague the Sleeping Worlds. There are two kinds: "Spirits" that consume nightmares, and "Nightmares" which that devour dreams and produce nightmares. In order to unlock the Keyholes of the Sleeping Worlds to return them to the Realm of Light, Sora and Riku must follow the Dream Eaters to accomplish their goals.

[Spirits]  [Nightmares]

Meow Wow

ワンダニャン (Bark's Meow)

Cat or dog? Boy or girl? Friend or fiend? One thing's for sure: this Dream Eater is adorable. Warning: fire freaks it out.


ハナダワンニャン (Flower Meow)

It’s fast…it’s floral…and unlike Meow Wow, fire won’t faze it! Only problem: along with being part dog and cat, this one seems to be part chicken. Beat it and luck might favor you!


キングダニャン (King's Meow)

The crown says it all. Get this Meow Wow mammoth bouncing, and you’ve got yourself a battlefield full of royal pancakes.

Catanuki (KH2.8 exclusive)

ポンダニャン (Pondanyan)

This mischievous Meow Wow look-alike wears his leaf proudly. A natural-born trickster, he surprises everyone with his crazy antics.

Komory Bat

コウモリバット (Bat Bat)

These noctilionine nuisances boast quite the repertoire. Supersonic confusion waves? Ye. Vampiric drain attack? Just vunderful...


ハリライオン (Needle Lion)

These bouncy pincushions take "stick and move" to a whole new level. Look out when they turn red with rage!

Yoggy Ram

ヤギホーン (Yagi Horn)

What do rams do? They ram you. Real talk: nobody rams like a ram does. Better wait for an opening!

Cyber Yog

ヤギサイバー (Yagi Cyber)

Here’s a hircine hazard that shoots lasers from its horns. Once the blast-a-thon subsides, though, it’s open season.

Aura Lion


Self-styled king of the dream jungle-and he does look pretty regal when he’s firing off that aura. But bow no to this kin; it’s your turn to dodge and deliver.

Keeba Tiger

キバタイガー (Fang Tiger)

What’s there to say about this aura-wielding speed demon? It doesn’t fire its aura that often, so look for your chance and take it!

Cera Terror

ツノケラトプス (Horn-Ceratops)

This Dream Eater has two modes, high defense, and a mastery of melee. But magic is enough to mire it, and it’s prone to negative status effects.

Tyranto Rex

ボウクンレックス (Tyrant Rex)

The second-or-possibly-first most vicious Dream Eater out there. Put it on ice before it puts you in a tough spot.


ボンツビワイルド (Bone to be Wild)

This skelly’s head and body are like two pesky Dream Eaters in one, but fire will send it back to the grave.

Chef Kyroo

カエルシェフ (Frog Chef)

Frogs’ legs are definitely not on this foodmeister’s menu. He’s skilled with a skillet and ready to serve up all kinds of surprises.

Sir Kyroo

カエルソルジャー (Frog Soldier)

Count on these little guys to stand by your side. They've got the swords and sorcery down, but a dose of fire will melt their courage.

Lord Kyroo

カエルおうじ (Frog Prince)

Master of the sword and sorcerer with the most, this brave little smartypants makes for a staunch companion…unless he catches fire.

Drak Quack

ドラゴンモドキ (Pseudo Dragon)

This quack likes to toy around, dancing maddeningly out of reach and blasting you with fireworks. Close the distance and shut this clown down.

Ducky Goose

ハラグチアヒル (Belly Mouth Duck)

After a few rounds of Duck Duck Goose with this cracker-packing loon, just about anyone would want to shove him into his own jack-in-the-box.

Drill Sye


Once upon a time, there was a powerful rhino that could transform into a ball of spikes but hated magic… Well, you probably know where this is going.


ゾウエレファント (Elephant Elephant)

Throw this titan into a tizzy and you had better take cover! But once the tantrum tapers off, it’s wide open.

Beatalike (KH2.8 exclusive)


A ferocious-looking Zolephant who's sweet as sugar to his pals, but a bestial brute to his foes!


イダテンキリン (Swift Giraffe)

You know how fast lightning is? Well, these Dream Eaters don't... because they leave it in the dust every time. They move in straight lines, though, so just make sure you stay out of their way.


ナルバード (Nalbird)

Hit-and-run air strikers that pester their prey. While their tactics are sound, why do they stop to gloat every time they land a hit?


タカイーグル (Taka Eagle)

A total natural in the sky, this super-sniper has the very unfortunate habit of gloating when it lands a shot.


ハンサムペガサス (Handsome Pegasus)

While this winged, gale-forced menace is trying to tether the weather, you should be taking it down before it's too late.


エレキユニコーン (Elec-Unicorn)

Do electric unicorns dream of androids? More importantly, can you stop this thunderslinger before it’s done gathering juice?

Necho Cat

ネコキャット (Cat Cat)

This feline knows it's better than you. It doesn't walk; it "dances." It doesn't use magic; it "hits you with magical awesome." Close the distance and put this cat on the mat.

Frootz Cat

フルーツキャット (Fruit Cat)

Punishably pink and sinister levels of sweet, this Necho Cat snipes opponents with magic and heals buddies with fancy footwork.


デンデンカルゴ (Snail Cargot)

Homebodies who like to hid in invincible shells. Only problem: too many attacks will cause the shell to pop right off, leading to blushing and potential bruises.

Fin Fatale

ギョライギョ (Torpedo Fish)

Who ordered fish with lasers? Before you get blasted, bring the thunder, and you might just shock their gils off.


ホネフィッシュ (Hone Fish)

When this fish falls apart, it’s only just getting started. It can disassemble itself to didge and launch lasers from afar.


オバケピエロ (Ghost Pierrot)

When this spoofy spook isn’t pretending to be prizes, it’s trying to nab the real ones…and there’s your opportunity to strike.


オバケゴースト (Ghost Ghost)

A wight that can blink out of sight and fight with sprite-height frights is tight… but smite it with light and it’s nighty-nite, aight?

Sudo Neku

ネクッポイ (Nekuish)

A Hebby Repp with stylin’ threads and a serious ‘tude. Whatever’s piped through those phones has turned its “inner emo” into “outer aggro.”

Hebby Repp

ヘビトカゲ (Snake Lizard)

Hyperactive and a real handful, these reptiles rock it hard when they roll. Dodge their attacks and then counter!

Iceguin Ace

アイスペンギン (Ice Penguin)

These chill customers will slip in for the attack and slide out to hit opponents with a blast of cold. To them, fire is the most dire.

Tubguin Ace (KH2.8 exclusive)

ユアガリペンギン (Yuagari Penguin)

Not your ordinary Iceguin Ace! After chillding in a nice, warm bath, this cool cat is now the master of both fire and ice!

R & R Seal

バカンスシール (Vacances Seal)

When this siesta-loving Juggle Pup rolls the dice, it might pay off big, or it might just backfire. Hope it bought traveller’s insurance…

Juggle Pup

アシカジャグラー (Sea Lion Juggler)

Their poker faces are hard to read, and every attack is a gamble, but on a good day these Dream Eaters will “seal” the deal.

Kab Kannon

タイホウカブト (Cannon Beetle)

Who wouldn’t want a KO Kabuto with a fiercer horn, adaptive ammo switching and rock-hard defense? Its enemies, that’s who.


ハサミクワガタ (Scissors Stag Beetle)

This distance fighter has a chest-mounted cannon and ammo that can lock down movement and commands.

KO Kabuto

ツノカブト (Horn Beetle)

With cannon for a horn and an ironclad frontal defense, this sharpshooting beetle battler will be tough to dent unless you can get behind it.

Kooma Panda

クマパンダー (Bear Panda)

The bigger they are, the harder they claw... It'll take more than a few punches to the paunch to make this lumbering panda see stars.

Ursa Circus

クマダダイサーカス (The Great Bear Circus)

This big-top buffoon version of Kooma Panda might seem tame, but let your guard down and you’ll be the one jumping through hoops.

Me Me Bunny

ミミバニー (Ear Bunny)

This cutie may play the darling, but watch out: it knows “bun fu.” Back away and pick these fluffy pests off from a distance.

Majik Lapin


Whoever pulled this rabbit out of a hat taught it a few spells of its own. Fun fact: its left ear and right each fire off their own magic!

Peepsta Hoo

ガンミフクロウ (Evil Eye Owl)

This wise guy uses Scan to find weaknesses and attacks accordingly. But completing the Scan takes time… Isn’t that a weekness, too?

Ryu Dragon

リュウドラゴン (Dragon Dragon)

Land and air are two separate play-grounds for this mythical monstrosity. But even a big, smart, fast contender like this can be put on ice(literally).

Tama Sheep

タマシープ (Sheep Ball)

This Roly-poly Dream Eater loves to sleep, and so will opponents it gets its lamb chops on. At least its defences are, uh, "mutton" to worry about...


ドクドクサンショ (Gushing Poison Salamander)

These easygoing Dream Eaters still know how to play hardball. While you're snoozin', it's poison and confusion they're oozin'. Approach with caution!

Tatsu Steed

タツホース (Dragon Horse)

These bubble-blowers are deadeyes at long range and punching bags up close. Now where would you rather be?

Tatsu Blaze

モエロタツホース (Burning Dragon Horse)

These bubble-blowers are deadeyes at long range and punching bags up close. Now where would you rather be?


イイフラワー (Good Flower)

These Dream Eaters stick by their friends, dishing out flower power to keep their HP in the green.


ワルフラワー (Wal Flower)

This Dream Eater is a total downer, inflicting negative status effects left and right and getting pouty when companions leave it behind.

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