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Trinity & Dalmatian Guide


Blue Trinity

World Location Reward

 Traverse Town

First District, near the tables

First District, near the exit

Third District, behind the fountain

Mystical House, near the save point



Munny, Camping Set

Munny, Mega-Ether


Lotus Forest

Lotus Forest

Ether, Potion, Tent, MP

Camping Set, MP

 Deep Jungle


Climbing Trees

Dalmations 34, 35, 36

Dalmations 31. 32. 33

 Olympus Coliseum

Coliseum Gates

Coliseum Gates

Dalmations 22, 23, 24

Mythril Shard



Cave of Wonders, Silent Chamber

Munny, Mega-Ether





Chamber 5

Munny, Potion (x2), Cottage

Munny, Mythril Shard

Munny, Cottage

 Hollow Bastion


Great Crest

Mega-Ether, Mega-Potion, Cottage, HP

Cottage (x2), Megalixir, MP


Red Trinity

World Location Reward

 Traverse Town

First District, in the alley where Sora woke up

Alleyway, entrance to Secret Waterway

Second District, roof of Gizmo Shop

Opens Access

Opens access

Access to bell


Cave of Wonders, Treasure Room Munny, Mythril Shard

Halloween Town

Oogie's Manor Mythril Shard

Hollow Bastion

Entrance Hall Emblem Piece


Green Trinity

World Location Reward

Olympus Coliseum

Coliseum Gates Mythril

Traverse Town

Accessory Shop Access to Moogle Workshop


Storage Room Power Up


Ship's Cabin Access to Captain's Cabin

Hollow Bastion

Library (Second Floor) Reach book on shelf


Rabbit Hole, near save point

Bizarre Room, in fireplace


Mythril Shard


Mouth, on top of Geppetto's Ship Mythril Shard

Deep Jungle

Treetop Mythril Shard, HP


Yellow Trinity

World Location Reward
Olympus Coliseum Coliseum Lobby Keyhole
Traverse Town Mystical House, behind house Power Up
Neverland Ship's Hold Dispel-G, Orichalcum, Aero Upgrade
Agrabah Cave of Wonders, Hall Pillar Drops


White Trinity

World Location Reward
Wonderland Lotus Forest, through portrait Lady Luck
Deep Jungle Cavern of Hearts Orichalcum
Olympus Coliseum Coliseum Gates Violetta
Traverse Town Secret Waterway Orichalcum
Agrabah Cave of Wonders, Entrance Comet-G
Monstro Chamber 6 Thundaga-G
Atlantica Triton's Palace Orichalcum
Halloween Town Moonlight Hill Comet-G
Neverland Pirate Ship, on the deck Meteor-G
Hollow Bastion Rising Falls Firaga-G


101 Dalmatian Locations

Dalmations World Location
1, 2, 3  Traverse Town Mystical House
4, 5, 6  Traverse Town Alleyway
7, 8, 9  Traverse Town Item Workshop
10, 11, 12  Traverse Town Secret Waterway
13, 14, 15  Wonderland Lotus Forest 
16, 17, 18  Wonderland  Lotus Forest
19, 20, 21  Wonderland  Tea Party Garden 
22, 23, 24  Olympus Coliseum Coliseum Gates
25, 26, 27  Deep Jungle  Hippos' Lagoon
28, 29, 30  Deep Jungle  Vines 2
31, 32, 33  Deep Jungle  Climbing Trees
34, 35, 36  Deep Jungle  Camp
37, 38, 39  Agrabah  Treasure Room
40, 41, 42  Halloween Town  Oogie's Manor
43, 44, 45  Neverland  Clock Tower
46, 47, 48  Agrabah  Palace Gates
49, 50, 51  Agrabah  Cave Entrance
52, 53, 54  Agrabah  Treasure Room
55. 56, 57  Monstro  Chamber 3
58, 59, 60  Wonderland  Queen's Castle
61, 62, 63  Hollow Bastion 

Grand Hall

64, 65, 66  Halloween Town  Cemetery
67, 68, 69  Halloween Town  Guillotine Square
70, 71, 72  Halloween Town  Guillotine Square
73, 74, 75  Monstro  Mouth
76, 77, 78  Monstro  Chamber 6
79, 80, 81  Monstro  Chamber 5
82, 83, 84  Neverland  Hold 2
85, 86, 87  Neverland  Hold 4
88, 89, 90  Neverland  Captain's Cabin
91, 92, 93  Hollow Bastion  Rising Falls
94, 95, 96  Hollow Bastion  Castle Gates
97, 98, 99  Hollow Bastion  Lift Stop



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