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  • Hey,

    I saw your post in the 60fps thread in response to Precursor Mar. I edited his post to remove that word and deleted your post, as it was no longer necessary. I advise that you speak privately to the member about the usage of that word so you can both reach a conclusion. If you can't, you have the choice to escalate the matter to a moderator.

    Hi there! I'm sorry for taking so long to read your story in the creative writing section, but I commented on it today! :D I hope to see more of it soon!
    just posting a reply here because I don't want to add one more unrelated reply to the KHX Walkthrough Help thread >///<

    you're right about Aelianus talking about a way too vast group of animals, writings from those early times tend to be unprecise, kind of abstract, nevertheless these writings are the unsure steps that led humanity to nowadays progress thou o.o since the description of the creatures which sounded to be mythological was mostly clear, I tried to find the actual animal behind the "mythos", but oh well, unless it's some mutant mayfly-fruit-fly, it can't be identified
    I really didn't hear of myth-creatures called Ephemera (must be the darkness), so I think Aelianus didn't even intend to make them mythological or some kind of symbols anyway o.o perhaps he just felt like completing the ambiguous info with a poetic message xD
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