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  • I completed: 4,6,7,8,10 but I also tried 1,2,3,5,9,10-2,12,13 (want to complete 9 and 13 in the future).
    I'm planning on getting a ps4 in the near future and I want to try World of Final Fantasy, Type-0 and 15.
    Also I'd love to give 14 a chance because it looks awesome, but I'm already a wow fan and one mmo-rpg
    is more than enough for me at this point. :p

    My absolute favorite is 7 (I played Dirge of Cerberus and Crisis Core as well) but 6 and 8 are the other two
    titles from the series which I enjoy the most. :3
    Once you get past Clayton you'll be fine, he's the only annoying boss. Until the final Ansem fight that is.

    Awww I loved FF8. Didn't get much love by the fandom though, but I consider it
    one of the best games in the series. I should replay it sometime. <_<
    Have fun with it! ^_^

    btw: which FF games have you played? Which one is your favorite? :p
    Indeed it is. Nice find! :D

    Yeah, still working on that 2FM plat. I'm at home right now though, taking care of my mom's dog while she's on a business trip so it'll have to wait. Buuut at least I have a dog here. Dogs are nice so I'll survive. How bout you?
    It's better than actually trying to overthrow the president via petition. I'm not even sure if I can even trust the media because they are biased towards the two party system that we have set up.
    I am kind of stressed out right now. I have been signing petitions, so that the president could do something to solve global warming. I don't think he'll listen, but at least I did something, right? I don't see any point in actually burning flags, chanting "Fuck Donald Trump" and vandalism.
    I will need it since a lot of people are under the assumption that they have no political voice and that Trump is Hitler. I really cannot take all the drama and I even broke down a bit. I wish we could all join together and get on Congress and Trump's cases if they mess up instead of bashing each other.
    Unfortunately so, I hope no violent riots break out. I don't want to see people getting killed because of who they or didn't vote for.
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