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    I have no idea why swearing is considered bad -- But have you noticed people take words in general more serious than anything?
    yeah, and i cant take the car cause the damn tire company gave us 1 wrong tire so my mom's taking it to the repair shop....
    huh? :tongue:

    I've skied before you see I've only been to the snow twice. I probably will go back this year.
    This is gonna sound pathetic, but will you rep me? I have the stupid red box and it's just really annoying.

    So do you go snowboarding up there at all?
    We actually do have snow just it's only on the top of mountains which are very far away. :[

    And what favor would that be?
    Well I live down in the south area which is near where those bush fires took place you may have heard about. It's cool I guess but it's just home for me so it's hard to explain. I think it's cool how theres all different bits of it. Like you have the outback, beach towns, the bush, suburbia and the cities.

    So you live in Nevada huh? That mean you live with Las Vegas?
    lol KH forum= guarunteed suss-ness. :tongue:

    I actually am from Australia. Dw I don't have an annoying accent (I think) and I don't live in the outback (quite the oppisate actually near a beach) and I don't live in a shack and ride kangaroos. It's fairly annoying though in winter. It's just really cold without snow which is what I can see is the only upside of winter.

    So what about you? Where do you live?
    Oooh wow I forgot about that. Better late than never I guess :p
    I've been good lately. Just the usual school, cold bad winter, trying to get the girl I like to date me.
    How have you been going?
    Dude I was joking. D: I wouldn't seriously get pissed about somthing like that, who would?
    Bitch back off my shit. I'm not afraid to buttfuck you infront of all your friends.
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