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  • ^ ^ i brought you more info.
    Nomura Talks about Kingdom Hearts Re: Coded and KH: 3D*-*Kingdom Hearts Insider

    :D i havent seen you in awhile!
    D: where you at poppet?!

    they annouced a new kh for the nintendo 3ds, look E3 2010: First Kingdom Hearts 3DS Screenshots|Just Push Start.

    heres the info on kh3d
    Kingdom Hearts 3DS Is A Brand New Title // Siliconera
    s1elleface rrrrreeeeeeaaaaaaaaaalllllllllllyyyyyyyyyy?????????????????????

    :D *throws party*
    Poppets back!
    i've been lonely T^T no one stays on for long anymore *sniff*
    i dont know if u can afford it but if u dont want to mod ur ps2 with swpa magic u can always buy the jap ps2 to go with kh2fm+
    japanese ps2 - Google Search
    XD can try, tho u should have ur bro help u to.
    its not really that hard, u take off the top cover of the ps2 and switch out the door that opens when u put a disc in ^ ^
    heres the detailed instructions Welcome to Swap Magic 3 Official Web Site
    make sure whenever u get swap magic to get the flip top.
    good :D
    u do know that u will have to mod ur ps2 to use the swap magic disc right?
    i had to switch the door on my ps2 with a different one to use it :/
    x3 nope, averavge height, like my dad... tho most of ALL my other relatives r atleast 6ft o.0

    im checking ebay but the one this guy is selling is 79$ plus the part needed to swap the discs is 4 the ps2 slim.
    lets try playasia
    XD actually 19.

    here> Welcome to Swap Magic 3 Official Web Site
    that is the user guide to swap magic.

    when u buy swap magic u have to get (seeing as u have the fat ps2) the slide tool or flip top cover.
    i recemend the flip top.
    ....oh yes you are...*Spoon with cough medicine is pulled from behind my back* ..open it, let the helicopter land inside the hanger..

    ...Open it ...your sick >: now open it or you will suffer slowly at the hands of the common cold >:
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