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  • Congratulations! on your graduration.
    Wow CPA, Good Luck.

    How do you feel about big hero 6 in KH?
    I hope to see more cutscenes as well.
    I have been busy with life myself, still adjusting to life in Georgia. mostly been working though.
    Hey what's going on? Been a while since we last spoke. Hows college going?
    So what did you think of the latest KH3, trailer? and hopefully we'll talk soon.
    Not bad, I got my learner's permit and I'm going to take a driving course so my insurance is lower and I cop my license a year early

    Holy fuck did you see kh3 today?
    Xemnas other goal could have been about Ven, lets not forget that BBSV2 clip of Ven and Sora disappeared.

    as for my stories its a slow pace, I'm working on the Port Royal chapter.

    Thats probably why Xehanort needed a vessel and not just for Xehanortification. MX was over powered and Terra and Aqua were doomed by contiunty of games.
    I agree, Xemnas could have an obession Aqua after all he does go to the room of sleep and as Xigbar noted to Zexion 'Talks to his Friend' (granted with current plot who Xemnas is talking to is up for debate.) and Terra's Wayfinder has yet to make an a re-apperance to make that connection.

    It does give way to why Ansem is so Fixated on Riku to being with, he is in a sense Terra's successor (as Sora was almost Aqua's but through a loophole is Ven's) and The Xehanort in Ansem basically was trying to repeat Terra's fate on Riku.

    Well Terra could have some unexpected advantage over Xehanort, I know i've said this before in DDD I was expecting that to happen when MX was talking about TAV, and i was hoping it would have triggered something in Xemnas...but alas that did not happen.

    I agree with you, I'd love to see Terra/Aqua moments in the next game...but we know how that song and dance goes. but as i've mentioned before iwould still love to see Aqua vs Xemnas!

    Perhaps BBS Vol 2 will be on 2.5 HD but as series of cutscenes (like Days) and we might get something we've been waiting to see!
    OMG! this is a nice suprise.

    I'll believe you'll enjoy it.

    I still believe as well Chase.

    Thanks Chase! Well we've never given that scene much thought before because most people were like (gasp) LOD is CO. and it was strange that MX never did anything to Aqua directly and she beat Vanitas how many times.

    Work has been...work...Yeah

    anyway, i've actually been making aqua/terra videos again.
    Start Again, Aqua X Terra - YouTube the song is Start Again by Red, and i have to say it fits Terra pretty well.
    Hey Chase I know, it'll be a long while before you see this post so if your up for a cameo in May.

    but I was trying to work on KH: Rebirth 2 and something got me thinking and I noticed that we never really talked about it too much.

    Remember the scene just after Aqua leaves Castle Oblivion, you here Terra calling out to her with his "Put an end to him" but here's the thing in RG, Terra wasn't aware of Aqua's presense until after Xehanort started to hurt Aqua and she's calling out to him.

    I mean the last of Terra's know thoughts are of Aqua, Ven and how he'll fix everything one day leaving he impression he's in LS as opposed to showing him still being in his body (which he was as LS was a fragment of Terra)

    Does that mean Terra assumed Ven and Aqua didn't make it?
    Does that Mean it was Xehanort calling out to Aqua and setting her up to die? (because Xehanort was the only shown to call out to Terra in this same manner)

    Now, I'll admit slips up do happen when one has a writing team as opposed to one person telling it.
    If your still on, There's a oneshot sequel to Body and Soul!

    Yeah that still pisses me off more then the Xehanort can track by x made from straps...no wait they equally piss me off

    Well I found time to watch DDD in english, When Xemnas talks about in the end Memories and the heart, really got me thinking.
    Well your busy, these things happen!

    BBS v2 it has to be cutscenes, since the next game would be 2.5 (KH2 FInal Mix, BBS Final Mix, REcoded)

    Yeah, that X thing is just as big as copout as the time travel plot.

    How could you tell? did someone already do subtitles.

    I hope so chase
    it's okay.

    I know, it's like there is that 'one' writer like that for a fandom.

    Johnny Depp is awesome! I mean even if the a movie of his isnt that good, atleast he gives an entertaing performance.
    On Stranger Tides, being a good example.


    Hey do you think BBS V2 could be cutscenes like days? Since somewhere I've heard DDD was the last side game.

    Edit 2

    In our agravation and dissapointment of the time travel cop out...excuse me, i mean plot. we failed to dicuss that Xehanort can seemingly can track the heroes down because they wear an X with thier strapes.
    I noticed.
    No, He hasn't maybe he just needs a break from the KH fandom, with how much work he puts into it. It does feels over-whelming. cause once in a while i feel the same way about the rebirth trilogy. I mean i STILL WANT to write it and finish it.

    I hate to admit but Modercai is among those fanfiction writers, who raises the freaking bar

    My resolution....finish the rebirth trilogy this century!....What's yours?


    Though I am excited for the next chapter for it has........Jack Sparrow! excuse me Captain Jack Sparrow!
    Happy New Year, Chase!

    though I'm assuming ur back in school by now. I know for my college Mid-January was the new semseter. anyway

    I've updated Rebirth 2!
    Your Welcome! Nomura has dropped the ball a few times when it has come to the villians in the Kingdom Hearts series. we can certianly see this in KH2, where we open with Organization 13 and then somehow it became about Maleifcent halfway through. I once thought Days was SUPPOSED to make up for that...but it didn't....(why so many 'censored' ice-cream scenes?) the only thing we learned was Xemnas was indeed up to something and that was it!

    Yeah, Retail at holiday time is not pleasant experience. at least this year i was not working at Toys R' Us.

    Ansem is so great at hamming it up that he could propably ham a ham!.... and once being Billy Zane doesnt hurt either.

    But can anyone actually measure up to Mordecai's vision for this story? I mean you, me and Mordecai, we're all on the same page when it comes to how we see the KH storyline and it's Characters but we all have our own writing style and it shows!

    I mean it's not like he stopped writing, I see his alerts for the Devil May Cry section.
    I like your new theory and i have to say, I have to agree with you on all the points you've made.
    It must be crowed!

    ...I work in retail...

    Yes, but Ansem is our best ham!

    What do you been it's being halted?
    Ah, but what are u and the other Chasanorts call your group?

    The real world is has been...Meh

    I was just looking at Large Ham: Video games on TvTropes and Ansem's photo is the main photo of the section
    So there's like 12 more of you running around then? without the consequences of time travel.

    I know, I hated the lack of Xemnas scenes from Days. I wonder if they'll have BBS hints that we couldnt see before because of the graphics. aside from Xion looking Ven.

    WHile you were at school I was out venturing...in the real world, I've been working.
    Holy Shit! your alive!

    It does look good, and i'm glad thar KH1 Sora Riku and Kairi will no longer have bobble sized heads.

    I can't wait to watch Days, that's how it should of been to begin with!

    The fanfics are good, Ch7 of KH2: Rebirth, I've slowly been working on but I did add a new chapter to The Queen Of Hearts

    Hows your fics going?
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