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  • Yes, on Supermariohat

    and you're the only person I know who is on DA and likes the HM.

    But, get to it! (I bet you can do better then me though) What did you think though?
    Which post?

    And she is lucky... I would LOVE to work on the mansion... and then she gets one of the best ones there!

    I need to go into Constance rehab or something.
    I don't see it...

    She counts. I just need people involved in any version.

    Kate Cressige (I spelled that wrong) is Constance's voice...and the daughter of a contracter who worked on the mansion. COOL!
    In the thread. I mentioned we should probably move what we were talking about to the fanclub before we got yelled at. You agreed.... and I haven't seen it yet.

    I also need names of female people involved wiht the mansion besides Kate Cressige, Leota Toombs, Elanor Audrey and Harriet Burns if you know any. Wikipedia just has two more :( I need more.

    I need your help.

    I need girl imagineers for Here Comes the Bride. All I have is Leota Toombs, Kate Cressige (yes, I spelled that wrong) and Harriet Burns! I need more girls! (since Leota is obviously taken)

    Yeah, I have day 1 up, but I may edit it.
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