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    i was bored so i did a thing here's one without a border
  2. Cloud

    wait a minute

    i just realised i've been on this thing for over a decade. don't i get a fucking award or something!? what is this shit!?
  3. Cloud

    Which Sequel/Prequel would you like to see?

    and you're not allowed to say ff13-4 cos it's obvious we all want to see that
  4. Cloud

    i'm back?

    idk how long for but i knocked this shit up just now first one in over a year so go easy
  5. Cloud

    the return of amano appreciation: part 9

    yeah, got bored kinda bright might mess about with the colour palette
  6. Cloud

    quick movie poster

    eh (disclaimer: i don't like this movie)
  7. Cloud


    yeah small piece just a quickie testing some shit
  8. Cloud

    walking dump

    i like it! (maybe not the boring border)
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    it's kain
  10. Cloud

    trying out new shit

    way out of my comfort zone rly both a4 size, resized for obv reasons
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    first lp i've done in a loooong time just a quickie rly
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    couple more while i waited for fire emblem to download
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    so 40+ layers later i finally made a tag first in a loooooooong time
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    so i finally got around to getting my imac fixed now will someone please give me photoshop right now
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    Thought I should explain.

    Well, as you can see, i'm no longer a moderator of this section and I just wanted to clear things up for people. Due to my inactivity (due to computer issues) and the lesser activity of the section as a whole it was agreed between myself and the admins that I was no longer needed to moderate...