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    She looks very better in KH2. In KH1 she looked to young. One year is enough time for that. She changed her hair and her style. Thats the only one thing...
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    Message to Kh2 Lovers (i wanna tell you somethin!)

    I would say: "You are very stupid!" and leave ^^
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    KH2 October not May.

    I am from germany and have the american version. I tell you: Get the import version!
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    ugliest Organization member?

    Ugliest Organization member? Well... I think Xigbar. But they all are uglie.
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    Official "I got Kingdom Hearts 2" Thread!

    I got kingdom hearts 2, too. Two weeks ago. I beat it after 10 days (50 hours) on normal mode with 94%.
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    Kingdom Hearts II Roxas Figurine + A mysterious E3 List

    Project Keyblades? It sound nice. I hope we will see more about this at the E3. Project Kebyblades E3 Trailer :D