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  • Exactly gays to me should be ready to face such trials no offense but I think at the end of the day a black man like me has a harder time.
    My thing is why be different if you know the world frowns upon your lifestyle why make it known? if you know God against you why go against his word knowing tons of people follow his word. People do not hate gays because they are gay they hate them for going against Gods word.

    I agree in some since but you have to realize God made rules and boundaries he loves us all but at the same time he can not stand sin and being gay happens to be one of those.
    Tell me would you go into a country full of Christians preaching the word of Islam?
    Its a double standard to me Gays hate that people preach against them yet they in there own sense try to switch the game and make theories that everyone is gay a little. Furthermore the fatc some claim to be Christian and saved only further proves there disrespect. They can not justify there means. This debate was doone at my school know what a gay guy said?
    "Well, Jesus died on the cross for our sins."

    Im fine with gays but i hate those who bitch and moan about biggots and homphobes. If your gay guess what? Get ready for some discrimination. Everyones been through why should you be any different?

    Again the mind is undevoloped...Its raised within a household that more than likely teaches hetero behavior not untilt hey get out int he world do they get these emotions...show me where homosexuality is a genetic trait...and maybe Ill believe you.
    I take it you know French also? I just started learning it, so I thought it would be cool to add to my User Title.
    Supercard DSOne sdhc... we tried so many things on it.
    Only problem is, that infinity symbol guy, no matter what he does, the game doesn't work on his flashcard.
    That was the problem for everybody I think. Whatever though right, the hexing wasn't too hard?
    I never had any problems. I'm running R4 sdhc, and no problems what so ever. I'm on day 78.

    It was ridiculously easy how to patch the game. I jsut wish I could get Mario and Luigi Bowser's Inside Story to work.
    Are you using cart or emulator?
    No problem, I'm still willing to give it out and such... or help in any way I can... just let me know.
    Iono, staff decided not to let anyone talk about it unless through PM.
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