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  • Mheetu was named after Nala's little brother from 'The Lion King.' Mheetu - The Lion King Mheetu was deleted from the final movie though and I guess it's the Swahili play on the words Me Two.

    I am just worried about my living situation and that I can't do anything about it right now. Have you seen a picture of Mheetu?
    I have been alright. I have a kitten named Mheetu and I also got a PS3 with Kingdom Hearts 1.5. I also got myself a Gamecube tonight. Boy, for a used console and all it's games and accessories, it sure is expensive. I am sorry to complain, I am just frustrated with myself today for buying the Gamecube. I did it out of spite, because I wanted to do something for myself, instead of feeling like I owe people something, especially since Christmas is coming.

    I am really sorry to vent, I am probably being really selfish. I am just mad at the possibility that I might have to move again, after getting my own apartment.
    Yeah, I am sure something will happen. I hope it's good.

    So, how s your thing going with Landyx Reborn? I've seen a few of the episodes.
    I am babysitting for my neighbor. Also, I haven't seen much action with Kingdom Hearts 1.5. I think I am up to chapter seventy or something.
    Yeah, I am glad to see you back. I've been up with my fanfiction. There is a contest going on.

    I've been doing pretty good, especially dealing with depression.
    It's cool I've never actually tried Skype before though lol.

    Man I absolutely fell in love with DDD!! I mean from the music that was played to the gigantic areas in which we could explore using the new flow motion system it seemed to shine and really stand out as a KH game. I had my doubts but it certainly gained my interest and then some. For starters Riku passing while Sora failing the Mark of Mastery Exam certainly was obvious, at least in my eyes, it would just be a matter of how it was done. Young Xehanort was done masterfully in his approaches to both the keyblade bearers and his battle with Riku was a work of art. It was nice to see one of my favorite villains Braig back and at it again however seeing Isa in the room with the Xehanorts makes me wonder who else from the organization, if any, are also becoming one of him. Axel being a keyblade wielder now was somewhat shocking(my belief was that he would end up with one when he fought Isa in KH3). All in al I was very impressed with the game :D

    Man when I saw that the KH3 trailer was on KHI I was almost in tears, finally after so long we will end the Xehanort saga and in perfect timing as well(PS4 release). The trailer itself made me believe that its a concept trailer(think of the very first DDD trailer in which there were multiple Soras' falling in Traverse Town) so I don't think there will be any really revealing news until the next jump festa or other gaming event.
    Been alright man it really has been a while hahaha. What do think about KH3 and DDD?
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