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  • Ya, you know you've hit rock bottom when you are back to KHI, *always at KHI* :D

    What are you studying?
    You almost gave me a heart attack there for a second, babe.

    Just looking forward to a New Year, going to really try and excel this year!

    How has yourself been doing?

    (Well then, I certainly feel stalked!)
    how are you, we havent talked in a long time, also holy eff just saw your january 3rd message :(

    *tips hat*

    ah, not wearing one, oh well...
    maybe i am, maybe i'm not, but most likely i am. ;)
    i do? well i guess i can't escape my dad's personality. I have to wonder if i have the skills of someone with authority :p
    hm...well damn that was easier than i thought. I suppose your name is unique :D

    Mine is too plain. Mr. Bostic, lol. Not much excitement when it rolls off the tongue...
    yeah i forgot you lived on another side of the world from me. It's 3pm, and the suns setting. And i'm bored as well yo
    I'm going to an obscure art institute. Nothing shiny. I'm going for graphic design and advertising. :D So I can work on commercials n shit. <3

    Oh no! Get yer shit together honeypie! I know you can do it deejbabe!
    no really babe, i was totally like "i havn't talked to dejah recently" last night, and then you send me a message in the morning
    not bad, you're likable, and that's easy to tell. You must have a lot of excitement in your life, right?
    I'm quite alright. How about you lovepie?
    Been going to school for about a year now. I love it. :3
    sex, LOL
    ....j/k aside, i'd probably say the same. Surely enough you haven't really given up on KHI. The fact that you're still able to respond to me even after a large gap of time presents activity on this site. To bad i don;t know you in person, you seem like a cool girl to hang out with. Do you find yourself easily attracted by people? What i mean is, do you make friends easily? and are you an easy person to make friends with.
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