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  • That's not surprising! These guys are from 'The Three Caballeros,' a really old Disney movie. The movie was about Donald getting a visit from his friends from Brazil and Mexico. Thankfully, the Aracuan Bird didn't show. He could be compared to Spongebob with how annoying he is. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mA0r1Zw8T7Q This is probably his infamous song.
    Okay, that's cool. That Yorkie isn't shutting up! It keeps barking and surprisingly nobody was home, because a neighbor and I went over to tell the neighbor to keep it quiet.
    Yeah, you're right. It's better than not having control over your dreams and having everyone constantly ridicule and harass you every night. I do tend to watch and read ghost stories and creepypastas before going to bed and deal with trauma from my past.

    Gosh, the dog outside won't shut up! He or she keeps barking it's head off.
    Yeah, I bet. Lucid dreams can be pretty scary. I think the woman was the clown boy's mother and she swore revenge against my dream self and my dream family.
    Yeah, I have had the same happen to me before.

    One dream I actually had involved me being a mom and a ghost hunter. My family in the dream had to investigate this old, white house (I guess you could say it was a mansion or something and I also think it was based off of some house my parents would drive by on occasion).

    I think we left in terror or something happened to cause us to flee the building and travel down the road. There was a scene where the woman that called us in, who also happened to be the owner sat by some mental-handicapped boy/man dressed up as a clown.
    They were pretty much 3D models. I just saw things from a backseat, I didn't have a physical appearance in the dream.
    I apologize for not getting to you sooner. I had a dream about Braig last night. He was planning on using the keyblade to become a god or something. Aeleus was in there, but he was mad, because Dilan and Braig didn't bring him anybody to beat up. Ienzo and Even were there and they brought some kids with them. All of these kids, I think there were four of them. One of them I remember distinctly because he was dressed in blue, he wasn't Isa.

    I think Old Man Xehanort was in there too.
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