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  • COOL ^^ Another person from SA xD I love the store. I always make sure I have enough money before I go there.
    I usually see short people in there, so one of them might've been you. It doesnt seem wierd when I see short girls XD Are you going to AVCon?

    I got a new computer last year.... But its slow because I use it for multimedia purposes :D Hope you get a good one .
    Im 5 hours drive from the closest manga/ Anime shop so If I go or one of my friends goes there we always get ALOT of stuff ^^ My friend might be going to this place called ShinTokyo next week and its Awesome, and he's gonna get the manga and anime I want xD Sucks that I have to wait til july to go there next though :(
    Why do they look at you wierdly?
    We can always hope they continue the anime after the manga finishes ^^
    Speaking of which, I might be able to buy some volumes next week ^^
    Its not that hard after a while, it seems to get easier xD
    I like the fact that the Manga is so far now, but I wish theyd kept on going with the anime :(

    The Code Geass was my first one, but its slowed down a bit. I was in two but ones closing down so im looking for more because its fun ^^
    One of those Temps is for a battle aswell ^^
    I prefer the manga aswell. It goes more into the relationships between the characters ^^

    Its not very far along yet :(
    Im making about 3 others for different things and Im trying to do them all well xD
    Yeah schoolwork drools. I hate it. Do you watch Heroes by the way?
    I'm doing okay, I guess. My spring break is coming up soon. =P Yes, it has been! =O
    Sorry for not replying so soon. I tend to forget. XD
    haha yeah.
    indoor marching, but our show this year is only percussion and not marching drums. So yeah haha. We got 2nd :/
    "stuffing around"?
    I am logging on real quick before I play games, then I go to work. :lol:
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