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  • Cool, $47 at EB Games. Probably less pre-owned, and even less when I trade in some of the games I never play anymore.
    Ahaha, nice. Right now, though, I'm trying to conserve my money wherever possible, plus I'm having trouble getting my router and network details from my ISP and router company so I can stop my internet dying anytime I connect to an online game. Except for Battlefield 3. Then I can connect to a game of up to 24 people. But Dark Souls 1v1? Nope. Anything beyond 8 people in Halo: Reach? Nope. If I can get these issues resolved and also spot ACV during a discout sale or trade-in bonus thing, I'll pick it up.
    Hmmm, this be true. Unfortunately I'm also trying to do some basic challenges on Reach, wanting to get to Lt. Colonel and get some new armour.
    Sexily commence the sexy party by sexily editing sexy Cassus' sexy template so it can be sexily complete.
    Am back. I'm just gonna message you everywhere to make sure you get this since I don't think you're back on MSN yet.
    And I've been desperately looking for some sort of affirmation/critique of what I've done with what Skyrim gave us and if it's any good so if you feel like being critical with it I know you're not one to soften the truth for me.
    Also, you can get a good idea of what potential archetypes are available by checking the 'unused races' list.
    I'll be on junes in the next 1-1.5 hours. For now I've got to head out but I'll be back soon enough.
    Before you make a new character, you'll want to read up on the post I'm currently making. It sets some very helpful background for how you should make your character.
    Skyrim II. Snow Elves. Dwemer. Stones and Towers. End of the World.

    Good to have you back~
    You on a PC? Whatever.

    Get on here:

    Mibbit.com Webchat client

    Myself, Prodigy and Ulti are discussing some lore or shit for the Skyrim 2 RP, and some extra input would be cool.
    I wonder if I'll throw in Umbriel or not. Could be interesting~

    Cool, do you know if there was a game following those events in the second era?
    Lore:Numidium - UESPWiki
    Though there would be much pulling-out-of-ass stuff involved, would it not be fitting to have the second fall of the Aldmeri Dominion attributable, once more, to the Numidium?
    I really wish the Heart of Lorkhan wasn't destroyed - it would have been really cool if it was in that cube north of Winterhold and not just the Oghma Infinium. I've been thinking of playing Morrowind sometime soon - just gotta bother quickly finding a working, cracked torrent of it - to generally play more Elder Scrolls, but to also perhaps learn more about the Numidium and the Heart.

    Given the Falmer live underground, it's quite possible they could proliferate - in a widely-organised way - throughout most of Skyrim.

    So far as other realms go, checking out Hermaus Mora's Apocrypha could be really cool. All that juicy forbidden knowledge~

    Using a Dragon Break could work well to, at the very least, establish a concrete path for the Dragonborn, paving the way for events in the subsequent roleplay. It could have occurred because, say, the Dragonborn fucked up in some way, and Akatosh initiated the Break and chose some kind of agent to act through who would travel through time during the events of TES5 to correct 'mistakes' made by the Dragonborn, this Agent of Akatosh also possibly being a very important character.
    Stemming off from that, it could be interesting to maybe have some unmalformed Snow Elves brought back (as roleplayers), who could choose to try and help their deformed kin or eliminate them and restart with a 'pure' race of Falmer.
    Again from the Dragon Break, perhaps Apocrypha might need to be reached in order to understand why the Dragon Break occurred, what it changed, and how/if anything of it needs to be changed.

    Messing with alternate realities lalala~

    How do they sound?
    Aw, okay :c

    But yeah, I specifically remember Aengir mentioning when you were in High Hrothgar that there could be any number of Dragonborn at a given time, just that in this instance only one has shown up, and thus I was like "Hey, this is potentially perfect roleplaying material."

    If possible it'd be cool to delve more into the less-explored/more interesting areas of the game, like have Blackreach and Sovngarde expanded. Also finding out more about the Dwemer would be cool, even though it might simply be making it up so far as the roleplay is concerned in relation to the canon.
    Also I'm going to assume you've finished Skyrim's main campaign and the Legion/Stormcloak questline. Would you be interested in a sequel Skyrim roleplay set immediately after the events of the game, to the effect of the following?

    My character Val's diabolical plan to play the game of thrones in Skyrim. : skyrim

    Also since the other quasi-collaborator for a Halo-3-easing-into-The-Greatest-Journey roleplay has basically disappeared on account of university business, would you be willing to retry TGJ some time, or perhaps leave it until any possible hype for Halo 4 builds up?
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