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  • lol No! It's cool wth me dude. If your having a good time on the threads, keep going! We can talk after you your all done here.
    lol You already made a friend! Ha! I told you I was right. lol Sorry you had to come on when the site is so lame... You wanna go on OMF or stay on here for a little bit more?
    lol That's what I love about this place. And yeah, I'm not sure where but there are tons of theory threads. Infact I would say 60 percent of the threads are theorys
    lol yeah.... It's been kinda dead here. Ever since they made these changes, no ones been on.
    It's like a ghost town.
    And no way. You can add some of my friends. They're cool. But people will add you on there own.
    They didn't used to be. Actually this weird blue/white skin thing was only put on a few days ago. They changed the site around just before you got here. It used to be alot like OMF. Anyway How are you finding the forums? And nice username and avatar dude. lol
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