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    hay babe! Its about time I found you but y our drawings in your expo made you pretty obvious. <3 teehee
    Oh no, they are fans. It's just that other RPs (mostly The Commission), have taken dominance in the RPing of most of the section.

    Right now, I'd like to put together something original, and right now, considering for it to be a science fantasy (scifi and fantasy mixed). Not sure what the plot would be though. That or a crossover.
    Yeah. I've realized that the majority of the RPs that I've joined here have either come to a close, or have simply become defunct. Kinda sucks. And I kinda want to make one myself....

    Care for a collaboration?
    i was about seven years old. i had just come from school and my uncle had surprised me with a game. KH 1
    Whats up. get ready for it, this is gonna be your first visitor message, jks. so how did you get to konw kingdom hearts
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