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  • Alrighty, then. This series is very fun, but it requires a ton of exposition.
    I'll just try to present it as eye-catchingly as possible.
    As someone who has marketed canon RPs to people outside that canon, how can you successfully promote a semi-obscure canon RP? I have plenty of other roleplays to keep me occupied, but I'd at least like to give my little canon experiment a chance.
    I must bug you to make a post in Kingdom Hearts: Eclipse. Perhaps even just an expository one, detailing how our subs and stuff get away from the Leviathan and down that sinkhole at the very start of the road to Atlantis, and only really up to that point? After that, I can just have our guys sorta bug out to let a more capable or numerous team handle it.
    Love your templates. One question, however: I'm assuming Leon serves as both the owner and the bartender, but is there any specific job Lynette has apart from owner?

    Also, I was thinking it could be a little fun if Edward Edgar openly had a crush on Lynette. It would definitely make for some good relation- and character-building between them. What do you think?
    Don't even worry about it. Happens to me all the time especially when I type like 3 or 4 pages worth of text.

    Definitely a heart breaker :<
    Not to be pushy (because I know we all have our own lives to attend to), but...
    When you have time, can you post your templates for Gunslingers? I want to get it started soon.
    I remember someone (for the life of me, though, I can't remember who) saying you were interested in joining Gunslingers? Well, after about a month of being dead (due to some irl issues), I'm jump-starting it again to try to get it going and was just letting you know if you are still interested.
    I think there's someone attempting to interact with you. *takes a quick look* Yeah, IceBlueWings is trying to interact with your character. So you could have Charlotte respond to that and ask her if she has any idea on how to get past that set of traps. And it's okay, I can totally understand and I don't mind offering some help. :) How have you been?
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